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Clip: Obama Says Race Is Not a Factor in Washington Partisan Gridlock (4:15)

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President Barack Obama told PBS NewsHour's Gwen Ifill that he doesn't believe race is the driving factor in partisan gridlock in Washington today. Ifill presented the president with a recent assessment civil rights historian Taylor Branch made in his own interview with the NewsHour. Branch said Mr. Obama is a victim of partisan racial gridlock. But the president disagreed, saying the gridlock is connected to longstanding political views that helping those Americans who lack opportunities is bad for the economy. He added that he doesn't take it personally. "There's a line that's drawn between the deserving poor and the undeserving poor. And you know, that, I think, has been a fairly explicit politics in this country for some time." The president spoke with PBS NewsHour co-anchors Ifill and Judy Woodruff in the Blue Room at the White House, after delivering the final speech at the 50th anniversary celebration for the March on Washington.moreless
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