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This word game used to teams; two celebrities comprised the Home Team while the Visitors were a celebrity and a civilian. The civilian played for prizes. One member of each team was placed in its teams isolation booth while the other team has access to letters of the alphabet one would see on a theater marquis.

The object of the game is guess the long word or short phrase using as fewer letters than the other team. The teammate who would spell out the puzzle began each round with three letters, but not the first three in any order. An audio cue would allow one letter to be added to the phrase every fifteen seconds or so until the puzzle was solved. The player with the letter often used pantomime to help the guessing player.

Every round was played for a prize. After two games, the PDQ Special, a best two out of three series,was played for the most expensive prize of the day.

When time ran out, the civilian would play a bonus round for up to $500 in trading stamps. The player have to guess a wordbased on seeing only three letters of it. The player had ten seconds to solve each word.

NBC revived this show in 1973, under the new name, Baffle (which replaced Concentration).


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