Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Feb 24, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Souji was walking with the shensengumi to somewhere.Masuya woked up and went out of his room and saw Ayu-nee came in which he thought that she was already die.Masuya said that he wanted her to leave.Ayu-nee then grabbed Masuya and asked if Masuya right arm was ok.Masuya was in shock wanting to know why she was alive.(just to let you it was Susumu in disguise.)Shensengumi came and said that they were criminal for killing Ayu-nee and that they came to arrest Masuya.They killed those who resisted.Masuya run quickly and hid under the secret basement.Too bad that Susumu was there and already killed two of Masuya's men.Susumu was then describing how his sister die and saying how horrible it was.Then one of Masuya's bodyguard charge but Susumu got rid of him easily.Then another guy try to charge but Susumu chopped of his fingers before he drew his sword.Masuya was trying to escaped but Susumu stopped him and Masuya said he was just following orders.Susumu said "It's not time at all for you beg for your life." Masuya picked up a sword and try to fight back but too bad it was useless.Susumu then was about to kill Masuya.

Tetsu was running and yelling Susumu's name.Susumu said he was too loud and Tetsu wanted to know if he killed him.Susmu said in the end he didn't kill him and Tetsu said he didn't wether it was good or not but he knows that he was very glad to hear he didn't kill him.Tetsu then went off.Tetsu,while running saw Suzu and Suzu wanted Tetsu to follow him to somewhere.They went near an Abandoned house and Tetsu's back was towards Suzu and while he was talking Suzu was drawing his sword hesistating.He sliced but it missed Tetsu and Tetsu told him to put the Katana away.Then suddenly Yoshida came choking Suzu for not killing Tetsu.He threw him away and Suzu wanted his master to stop.Tetsu ran away screaming and while that Yoshida pour wined around the house that Tetsu is in.He then set it on fire.

Hijikata was toturing Masuya because he wanted to know Yoshida's plan from Masuya.Hijikata said he understand why there spy at his store and why Yoshida didn't warn Masuya about it.It was because sacrafices must be made.

Tetsu was hiding in a room and Yoshida was walking around but eventually found him.He lifted up his sword about to swing it but then came Suzu who stopped him.Yoshida punched him aside.Then someone from the outside yelled "FIRE!!"Yoshida couldn't finished Tetsu after all and Tetsu was saved but still shocked in horror
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