Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Tetsu is traning with Heisuke.Tetsu has become quicker and Heisuke is having trouble to block Tetsu attacks.Sano said that if he wants to switch which distarcted Heisuke for a sec.Tetsu took this chance and made Heisuke drop his weapon.

Tatsu was writing in his room while someone placed a pig on Tatsu's head.Tatsu was freaked it and wanted to know the meaning of this.Souji told Tatsu the whole story about Tetsu winning.Tatsu said he was busy and left.

Ryoma was walking into store while a girl was drawing Souji and her holding hands.She was shocked of how he surprised him.Then came Suzu who invited him to Yohshida room.Ryoma was trying to convinced Yoshida not to attack the Tokyo but to come with him to Hygoma and join the Navy and see the whole world but Yoshida declined.The little girl screamed and wanted to tell Souji about this but while she was running she was wondering what she was doing.Then suddenly Souji walked by but it was really a Kichisaburou.

Tatsu was walking and then suddenly someone screamed "Fire!!" and Tatsu ran to that place.Then while he was running back Ryoma jumped out the window naked because he was taking a bath but don't worry he had cloths with him he :P.Suddenly soldiers came who was after Royma.Then Tatsu was running with Royma wondering why he was running with a wanted man when he innocent.Royma gave Tatsu a sword and told him to run to the wagon behind the guz.While that Royma fired his pistol to distact the other guy and then he came with a rope and he slided but the problem was how was they were going to stopped.:P They were lucky to run in to water.

(lash back)Kichisaburou with the girl had a talk and the girl told the person of the Royma guy.Then she ask why Souji joined the Shensengumi.He repiled because it was to kill people and see blood but he said he was just kidding about that.Then at night Kichisaburou was walking around night ran into the Koyto police and then killed them.After that he left one alive so he can frame Souji.