Peace Maker Kurogane

(ended 2004)


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    • Rain
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Tetsu was worring about Ayu-nee who dissapear for a week. He wanted to know where she was but Ayu-nee's brother didn't tell him. Ayu-nee was undercover and finally was captured.
    • Big Brother
      Big Brother
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Saitoh was doing a reading of Tetsu but it was trick of Shinpachi, Sanosuke, and Heisuke to see who Tetsu liked. Saitoh read that Tetsu can't get this person off his mind from the past and is still alive today. Yamanami invited Tetsunosuke to Shimabara so he could have fun and forget about what Saitoh said. To Tetsu surprise he found Saya there who worked as a servant.moreless
    • A Look
      A Look
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Tetsunosuke found out that Saya is working as a serving girl for Akesato at Shimabara; she is embarrassed and ran away. But Tetsunosuke caught her and told her that he missed her. Heisuke arranged a room for them to talk in. Meanwhile, Suzu is also in the same place requesting Akesato, but since she's with Yamanami she asked him to come back another time. But apparently he had an appointment with her in place of his sensei, Yoshida, so he decided to wait. While waiting he ran in the Tetsunosuke who was playing blindfolded tag with Saya, and invited Suzu to play too. In the other room, Yamanami and Akesato are talking about Saya and Tetsunosuke. Akesato revealed that Hana and Saya would turn 16 next year than they too will become like her. Tatsunosuke finally made it to Shimabara and he ran right past Yoshida. Meanwhile, Tetsunosuke and Saya are playing cards and Suzu is with them too. Tetsunosuke and Suzu finally learned each other's names and that they're both pages, but they couldn't reveal whom they're serving. Later Tetsunosuke asked him about his sensei's personality and what he looks like, the description are he's got long hair, wears black kimono, handsome with a tough look, and realized that their masters are both similar, until the part where Suzu said that he looks up to Yoshida. After some discussion, Suzu said to Tetsunosuke that it doesn't seem like Hijikata's using him as a servant; it's more like he's taking care of him. In Yamanami's room, 3 roshi wanted Akesato to accompany them and started to make a scene, but Yamanami and Heisuke stopped them. Meanwhile, Tatsunosuke finally found Tetsunosuke and is glad that he didn't really get to do anything (hehehe). Yoshida, with a terrifying look, emerged from behind the door and told Suzu to get away from Tetsunosuke.moreless
    • Feelings
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Tetsu was feeling uncomfortable thinking about the time he saw the man in black in the Shimabara.Tatsu was growing angry because he couldn't forget the day when his parents were murdered.
    • Battle
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Tetsu gained courage from Yamanami Seisuke and decided to pack up to fight Yoshida. Yoshida who was fighting at inn convinced Suzu to leave and get reinforcement while he fought. Yoshida and Souji gets to amazing fight and Souji was winning and weakening Yoshida. Suddenly Tersu appears in his uniform noticing the fight. He ran and Yoshida who had Souji on the ground suddenly forgot about Souji and went after Tetsu. Souji quickly got up and stabbed him but at the moment, Souji coughed and Yoshida grasped this moment and took him down. He stepped on him hard making Souji screamed horribly. Tetsu was beind the closet and was saying how sorry he is because he can't do anything to help him. Tetsu then forget all his emotions and knock door open stabbing Yoshida's legs. Tetsu then realize he didn't want to kill Yoshida but was the person who was himself that was helpless.moreless
    • Deceit
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      A mysterious man came who looks like Souji and abuse his looks by using his name he comes to kill Hijikata.
    • Void
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Hmm...The Kyoto police wants Souji to be handed over but Hijikata said that he was framed by an impostor and said they will figure out who really did this. Souji, Saitoh, and Hijikata are trapped within a spell the eight methods of incantation. Can they escaped or will they get trapped in forever?moreless
    • Battle Formation
      Battle Formation
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Tetsunosuke hid in his closet and kept having visions of what had happened at the abandoned house. Every time Tatsunosuke tried to open his closet door his hands got scratched. Souji felt sorry that he couldn't say anything to help. Hijikata's still interrogating Furutaka, and finally decided to threaten to kill him. Furutaka at this point caved and told Hijikata how they intend on setting fire to Kyoto. Hijikata cut him down and didn't end up killing him. In a shack at a wood cutting factory (what it looks like), Yoshida is talking to Miyabe about what had happened. Miyabe asked why Yoshida refused to go hide at the Feudal Lord's home; Yoshida replied that he didn't want to have to start from the beginning with the plans of the revolution. One of the Choshu soldiers walked in and told Miyabe that the meeting place had been set, and it's at Ikeda-ya. Back at the Shinsengumi Headquarters, all the soldiers are getting ready for the raids. Hijikata told Yamanami that Furutaka told them everything, they're going to go look for the Choshu's meeting place. Yamanami is sick, therefore he could not join Hijikata in the raids. At the shack, Suzu's kneeling before Yoshida for disobeying his orders. Yoshida got dressed and ready to go to Ikeda-ya. Suzu wanted to go with him, but Yoshida forbids him and wanted him to stay in the shack until his return. Shinsengumi set up camp to in the city. Hijikata's debating when to strike the enemy when Kondo arrived urging Hijikata to strike now since the soldiers are all very excited and ready to move out. Hijikata then gave the orders. The plan of attack is to divide the troops in two, Hijikata, Sanosuke, and Saitou leading one group, Kondo, Souji, Toudou, and Shinpachi leading the other. Back at the Headquarters, Yamanami was dreaming about the time when they assassinate the former Chief. He woke up in a startle. Tatsunosuke came into the room and brought some rice soup for Yamanami, and he revealed that he was faking the illness because he doesn't like to kill anymore, ever since he had to kill the former Chief. At Tetsunosuke's room, Susumu forced open the closet door and told him about the raid. He then threw at him the Shinsengumi uniform and katana that Hijikata gave him. Tatsunosuke was furious at Susumu for trying to get Tetsunosuke to join the raid. The last scene: Kondo's party arrives at Ikeda-ya. ***moreless
    • The Sky
      The Sky
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Tetsu finally knew what happen to Ayu-nee but Susumu said he wouldn't go which enraged Tetsu. Susumu finally went and saw Ayu-nee dead on the ground.Well you'll know what happen in the next episode.
    • Scheme
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      It begins with Tetsu patrolling the streets. At the end of the patrol Souji went to buy candy from a store while being peek by a little girl. He gave the candy to Tetsu later. Souji returns back to HQ and noticed Tatsu who was carrying books. He also noticed Sakamoto Ryoma who was hiding. Sakamoto is the person who is looking for the peacemaker's son and wanted to help clean japan but is also a wanted man. Souji called for help but Ryoma still escapes.moreless
    • Mystery
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      This is the same time line as episode 9, so Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke are still out on the errand for Hijikata.

      Yamanami watches Hijikata as he trains himself. Yamanami apologizes to Hijikata for opposing him all the time and wanted to be demoted to an accountant. Even though he held the highest martial arts rank, he said that after the incident with Serizawa Kamo (He was the Chief of the Shinsengumi until he was ordered to be assassinated. Read the history section for more details), his sword became rusted. Hijikata argued that him, Souji, and Kondo all had a part in the incident and their sword didn't become rusted. It is because Yamanami didn't want to do it in the first place; Hijikata forces him to draw his sword and insists that he can kill again. Yamanami became angry and threw his sword down, he opposes the way Hijikata run things, and anything that gets in the way gets killed. He doesn't want to be manipulated by Hijikata anymore.

      The scene flashes back to the night they assassinated Kamo, even at that time Yamanami questioned the decision to kill Kamo. Hijikata's reasoning's as black and white as ever, you use a person when the person is useful, if the person gets in the way and you kill him.

      Tetsunosuke and Tatsunosuke came back from their errand and brought back Hijikata's parcel. Tetsunosuke wanted to know what's in the box but Hijikata wouldn't tell him. Later Souji walked into the room and found out that Hijikata's making medicine for fatigue since he uses to be a medicine salesperson.

      The mysterious person who raised the dead in episode 4 is named Furube. He apparently serves a master but in reality is manipulating him. He summoned a Hikagami and sent him to the Shijyo River.

      Back at the Shinsengumi Headquarters, while Souji tried Hijikata's medicine, a soldier reported that roshis attacked one of the Shinsengumi squads by the Shijyo River. Hijikata and Souji went to investigate. Yamanami went with Saitou. Hijikata and Souji fell into the magic of Furube and couldn't move as the Hikagami attacked them. Yamanami tried to save them but got brushed aside. Saitou detected that Furube was controlling the Hikagami and attacked him instead. Furube retreated with the Hikagami.

      Saitou guess that Furube is a master of Mikkyou techniques, which are esoteric Buddhist spiritual teachings. So the Hikagami is not a ghost, but a man. Furube took control of the weakest part in his mind after confusing him. Yamanami said that if that should happen to him, Hijikata need to kill him without hesitation.moreless
    • Peace Maker
      Peace Maker
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      So what is a PEACE MAKER?A peace maker is simply someone who makes peace with their iron fists.To tell you the truth that it's kind of related to Ruruoni Kenshin because Tetsu promised that he will never kill just like Kenshin did and it was to a women too.
    • Faith
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      This was the climax of the shinsengumi raid. Tetsu has finally regain his spirit to fight...but did he really pick up a sword to kill?
    • Shadow
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Tetsunosuke got bored doing random housework that Hijikata had assigned him, so he decided to go to the dojo to train. There he met Heisuke who had just returned. Susumu was investigating recent fires that were being set, when Hijikata came to the conclusion that Yoshida was behind the fires and that he was the one organizing the Choshu in the revolution. While being punished by Hijikata for joining the training without permission, Tetsunosuke heard noises in the courtyard. He then saw Souji facing off with another person whom he thought was a Choshu spy. The person fought equally with Souji, and Tetsunosuke found out from Shinpachi and Sano that the person is actually Saitou who is the Captain of the 3rd Squad. Eager to learn more about the person who could fight equally with Souji, Tetsunosuke followed Saitou around the city. He learned that Saitou could see and feel the presence of dead people. He mentioned that Tetsunosuke had a shadow following him, but he could not talk to it because it is not amongst the dead, but was amongst the living. When Tetsunosuke returned to the Shinsengumi Headquarters, he was punished by Hijikata again for leaving without permission and abandoning his duties and his former punishment. So he is now punished to not have dinner and stand guard outside all night. As he was standing watch, he saw Saitou leaving and decided to follow him. Saitou was attacked by a group of people, but easily defeated them. But a mysterious figure reanimated the corpses and started attacking Saitou again. Susumu saw the mysterious person on a roof and attacked him, but he escaped. With the mysterious person gone, the corpses once again became just corpses. When Tetsunosuke returned he fell asleep during his watch, which again made Hijikata mad. This time he wanted Tetsunosuke out of the Shinsengumi. ***moreless
    • Moon
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Tetsunosuke is doing more chores by orders of Hijikata. This time he's cleaning the dojo. Half way through he heard noises outside and met Yamanami Keisuke, the other Vice-chief of the Shinsengumi. Unlike Hijikata, Yamanami is very nice and personable. After finishing his work, Ayumu asked Tetsunosuke to go grocery shopping for her. On the streets, Tetsunosuke met the little girl that he saved before. He learned that she's a mute and her name is Saya. While talking to her, Tetsunosuke had a flashback of when his father took him to the temple and taught him that if they step back 3 steps away from the coin donation box, and throws the coin in, the percentage will be higher for their wishes to come true. Tetsunosuke took 10 steps away from the coin donation box and threw a coin in. Tetsunosuke then tells Saya that his father spoke a strange foreign language (English) and because of it, a xenophobic faction murdered him. Tetsunosuke's mother was also killed, leaving only him and his brother. He then learned that Saya's parents were also murdered and asked her if she felt like killing the people who killed her parents. Rambling on, he told her that the reason why he joined the Shinsengumi is to get stronger and get revenge on his parents, but he couldn't do it just by doing chores all day, and he doesn't want to kill people just to get stronger. He doesn't want to become a demon and doesn't know what to do. Saya wrote on the ground, "Stay the way you are" and Tetsunosuke snapped. He doesn't want to stay weak forever. Saya got angry with him and ran off. Back at the Shinsengumi head quarters, Kondo, Hijikata, and Yamanami are at a meeting talking about the Choshu, Yamanami doesn't want Tetsunosuke to be involved with the Shinsengumi fearing that he would get hurt. Hijikata declared that he intend to keep Tetsunosuke as his page forever. But Kondo, while talking to Yamanami said that he actually intends to give Tetsunosuke a uniform and some equipment, but it will still be Tetsunosuke's choice whether he wants to official join.moreless
    • Samurai
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Kondo is having an events competition for all Shinsengumi members while Hijikata is out on an errand. First event is the Spear competition, Sanosuke won easily. Tetsunosuke have no intention of participating in any of the events because he doesn't see the reason it would make him stronger. Second event is long distance race around the Mibu Temple. Winner gets Ayumu's custom Okoa (a Japanese dish). As the race starts, Tetsunosuke is lying inside the dojo being bored as Souji walked in. Tetsunosuke asked for a training session with Souji, they're sparring with wooden swords instead of bamboo swords. During the match, Tetsunosuke asked Souji why did he choose to pick up the katana to fight and why does he want to be strong. Tetsunosuke, despite how much he wants to avenge his parents; he could not bring himself to kill a person. Souji explained that each person's reason are different, but give it plenty of thought before deciding. It's time for another one of the events, which is to race around Mibu temple. Shinpachi, Heisuke, and Sano are head to head, but Yamanami used his abaci as skates and skated to the finish. He won Ayumu's custom Okoa. Shinpachi's the one most upset at Yamanami's cheating. The main event is a Battle competition. Souji gathered some of the town's children to watch the event. Saya came to apologize to Tetsunosuke about what happened before and they became friends again. Tetsunosuke agreed to participate in the battle competition and also promised Saya that he'll never make her sad.moreless
    • Suzu
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Both Tetsu and Tatsu are out to buy grocery for Shensengumi. Tetsu noticed a weapon shop and went inside and saying how he really wants those cool looking swords. He then noticed a Wakizashi sword and wanted to but it but another boy named Suzu wanted it as well. They both argue and then when another customer came to stop them. Suzu hastily drew his sword and slash that person's sleeve by accident. Tatsu noticing what has happen quickly came in the shop and apologizing and blaming Tetsu for all that has happen. Well later in this chapter Tetsu noticed that he didn't have a Katana since he was part of the army. He went and as Hijikata for a sword but he replied no. Souji was in this scene and he and Hijiakta went out for a walk. Souji ask him why he wouldn't let Tetsu have a sword. Hijikata said he was too young and Souji retorted that he was 9 when he picked up a sword. Souji knew that Hijikata doesn't want to create another demon. At the end of this chapter Susumu was on a mission but was cornered by three female shinobi. He fought against them and fell into the river.moreless
    • Love
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Susumu got out of the river okay; his wounds are being treated by Ayumu. Tetsunosuke's being laughed at by Shinpachi, Sanosuke, and Heisuke for asking Hijikata directly for a katana. Seeing how insistent Tetsunosuke is, Heisuke gave him one of his Katanas. But it's too long and Tetsunosuke couldn't pull it out, and instead in broke it in half. Upon careful inspection, he realized that the sword is made of bamboo, only looked like a real katana from the outside. Upset at the bunch of them making fun of his feelings, Tetsunosuke chased them around the headquarters and accidentally hit Kondo in the head with the broken sword. Kondo, instead of getting mad at him, sent him on an errand to a festival to buy some kuroame (type of sweets). At the festival, Tetsunosuke met Saya and her friend, Hana. Hana bought all the kuroame before but she gave half of them to Tetsunosuke. Tetsunosuke learned that Hana's parents were also killed and they're all orphans. Tetsunosuke's attempting a hoop throwing game to win prizes for the girls, Saya wanted a piggy bank and Hana wanted a hairpin. But Tetsunosuke missed both and won a mini katana instead. Afterwards Tetsunosuke learned that Hana's hates katana because her father refuses to give up his katana even when they didn't have money to get a doctor when her mother was ill. Later Hana was being bullied by 3 drunkard, before Tetsunosuke could intervene, Shinpachi and Sanosuke showed up while on patrol. Sanosuke didn't use his sword and defeated the 3 of them. He stresses that having swords doesn't matter, but he can't just stand by while seeing somebody being bullied. Hana has now fallen for Sano because he's completely different from her father and insisted on Tetsunosuke telling her Sano's name and where he lives. Next day back in Shinsengumi headquarters, Shinpachi gave Tetsunosuke one of his old wakizashis. But after last night, Tetsunosuke did a lot of thinking, and decided that he'll wait a bit before getting a katana.moreless
    • Dragon
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      In the very beginning of the episode we see a flashback of Suzu's past. Suzu's brother was killed by the Shinsengumi and Yoshida took Suzu in as his page. Hijikata sent Tatsunosuke and Tetsunosuke to Hyogo to pick up a parcel for him, on their way to the Yodo River, Tetsunosuke saw Suzu and started chasing after him. Suzu saw him coming and started running until they both got lost. They're finally able to find their way to Yodo River and met up with the worried sick Tatsunosuke. After crossing the river, Tetsunosuke met a mysterious person who sang a strange song (US national anthem) in a strange language (English), the same strange language that his father spoke. Tetsunosuke ran after this person, but he wasn't the only one. Four roshis were after this person and took Tetsunosuke hostage. The mysterious person not only carries a katana, but also carries a pistol. After the roshis ran away, Tetsunosuke wanted to ask this person some questions, but he doesn't want to reveal his secret. He saw Tatsunosuke who came after Tetsunosuke, and he muttered, "Peacemaker" and led them to see the ship he's stationed on. He told Tetsunosuke about the Navy and traveling around the world. Tetsunosuke was astonished by his stories, but Tatsunosuke seemed very suspicious of this person. They eventually picked up Hijikata's parcel at the harbor.moreless
    • Blade
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Tetsu finally found his murderer but he only stood there in shock. He didn't know what to do but to run away screaming. Will Tetsu die helplessly like a coward?
    • Sakura
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Tetsu is a very short boy with red hair who wants to join the Shinsengumi. However, in order to do so he must face one of their greatest soldiers, Souji, in combat. He must also convince the legendary warrior Hijikata that he is not only out for revenge.
    • Crimson
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Episode 3: Crimson still aspiring to become an inspector, Tetsunosuke followed Susumu by dressing up as a girl to investigate Masuya. Susumu caught him and told Tetsunosuke that he is incompetent because he couldn't even complete a single task as a page, and told him to stay out of other people's business. Tetsunosuke, being very hurt from being called incompetent walked in front of Masuya while there were 3 roshis (wandering Samurai) bullying a little girl. They pulled their swords out, but Souji, Sano, and Shinpachi got there in time to help them get away. Souji led Tetsunosuke and the girl away through an ally, but there, one of the roshis attacked Souji while Tetsunosuke revealed Souji's name. Back in Shinsengumi headquarters, Susumu gave Hijikata a report of what happened while Tetsunosuke is kneeling outside. While talking to Souji, Tetsunosuke revealed that the person who attacked Souji was killed. Tetsunosuke was mortified after witnessing another murder, and blamed Souji for killing the person instead of arresting him or letting him go. Souji showed Tetsunosuke the ordinance code of the Shinsengumi. If any of the codes are violated? Seppuku is the punishment. Souji explained to Tetsunosuke the code of the Samurai states that falling in the hand of the enemy is inexcusable. In a fight, either you or your enemy must die. But a page doesn't have to abide by the code, so Tetsunosuke won't be put to danger. But this is a decision that Tetsunosuke must choose for himself. The scene flashes to what happened in the alley while Souji was attacked. Souji defeated the roshi, and then killed him without mercy. Tetsunosuke was mortified and fell to the ground.moreless
    • Song
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Probably this is the most funniest episode of all the series.Souji stole Hijikai haiku poem book which pissed Hijikai off.Souji gave it to tetsu which then Hijikai chase him the whole day.HEHE :P
    • Will
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Tetsu spends days waiting outside in the pouring to join the army but Hijikata still refuses. After Souji persists, Hijikata finally let Tetsu in the army. Hijikata went outside and welcome Tetsu inside himself. Tetsu then fainted because he was happy and he was worn out. He eventually meets new friends the next day like Ayu, Shinpachi, and Sano. The next day he learns that he's Hijikata servant and was so pissed off. Souji said it's very hard for a servant for someone to become Hijikata's servant. Will Tetsu just be his servant and not actually be part of the army? Tetsu learned that Yamazaki Susumu was working as inspector and spy for the Shinsengumi and he wanted to become an inspector too.moreless
    • Hollow
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      The Shinsengumi is determined to find the fake Soji who massacred the police. Hijikata, Soji and Saito were on the trail of the bloody imposter but fall into a trap set by Furube ...
    • Battle Array
      Battle Array
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Hijikata questions Masui to glean information about the Choshu while the Shinsengumi beginning to mobilize for the big attack. Tetsunosuke, meanwhile, is still traumatized by recent events ...
    • Fight
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      The Battle of Ikeda-ya is in full swing and Yoshida did not flee when he had the chance. Instead, he returned to the onslaught. While Soji is weakened by disease, Tetsunosuke gathers all his courage to face Yoshida ...
    • Truth
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Tetsunosuke faces Yoshida while Susumu fights a ninja on the roof. The second group finally arrives at Ikeda-ya Hijikata and rushes to give aid to Soji ...
    • Thoughts
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Since returning from Shimabara, Tetsunosuke folds on himself and Tatsunosuke, anxious to forget the past with his younger brother, asks Soji not to come between them.
    • Gaze
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      While at Shimabara, Saya and Tetsunosuke meet Suzu and they learn to become better acquainted. Yoshida arrives at Shimabara and is accompanied by Tetsunosuke and Suzu ...
    • Cherry Blossoms
      Cherry Blossoms
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Tetsunosuke is determined to join the Shinsengumi, but first he'll have to get past Okita Souji, the prodigy swordsman and the 1st Squad captain. In the process, he learns that to be a member of the Shinsengumi, he'll have to become the demon.
    • Warrior
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      With Hijikata absent the Shinsengumi take the opportunity to launch a competition in which Tetsunosuke has no intention to participate. It will be led by Soji and asks for the reasons that led him to take his katana and desire to be strong ...
    • Quiet
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Yamanami, still haunted by the murder of Kamo, asks Hijikata to be transferred. Furube, a mysterious Onmyoji, provokes Shikigami to attack Hijikata and Soji ...
    • Plot
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Ryoma tries to enter the Shinsengumi headquarters to speak to Tatsunosuke but is discovered by Soji and a fight begins. Meanwhile, the ninja Hotaru enters the quarters of Kondo and steal some important documents ...
    • Iron
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Tetsunosuke dreams that his father encouraged him to become a Peacemaker. The Shinsengumi tries to close their wounds by taking advantage of Gion festival and fireworks that illuminate the faces scarred by fighting ...