Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2004 on

Episode Recap

The other squad of the Shinsengumi has saw the Signal of Susumu flare and so heads toward it.Susmu meanwhile was still fighting the femal shinibo.After awhile of battling the female shinibo was a foriegner since she had blonde hair and was also the women from the Shimabara.(Strange didn't she had brown hair.)She said that next time they meet they won't be ninjas and Susumu replied that he hopes they never see each other again. Meanwhile KitaMura Suzu has fianlly reached the reinforcement hq.He asked for help but no one would answer his plead.He then suddenly cried

Tetsu charged at Yoshida chopping his sword in half and stabbed Yoshida in the leg.Yoshida took that sword in his leg and injured Tetsu ear.Souji didn't allow the others to help Tetsu because he'll know Tetsu will win.Tetsu charged again blocking Yoshida swing and then Tetsu kicked him in the face while that Yoshida swinged again but Tetsu dodged it.Tetsu was on the ground but he wouldn't give up he crawled under Yoshida legs and chopped off Yoshida right arm off.Tetsu asked why he didn't kill him back then when he had the chance but Yoshida didn't answer.Yoshida picked up a broken sword with up his mouth and went for Tetsu neck but Tetsu stabed him.Yoshida was still alive reaching with the broken sword.Tetsu didn't know what do he didn't want to kill him but he would die if he didn't kill him.Souji came and finished Yoshida off and said to Tetsu that he should keep his promise.Tetsu said in the last episode he didn't pick up a sword to kill.Tetsu then cried

Shinsengumi was all gathering the prisoners and capturing the ones who had escaped.Then Sano came to Heisuke,and Shin madly saying "You guys got injured you bastards." Then the Aizu clan came as reinforcement but they were late.Hijikata said they will take care of everything and told them to leave.Then came Kondou and said they should wait outside because they are counting the dead and wouldn't want thier cloths to dirty and so they did.Kondou said they were all the back and so Hijikata hurry to the back and saw Souji.Hijikata hugged him and said to the others to bring tea.Tetsu was the one who brought Tea and Hijikata gave it to Souji and then he drank it.

Suzu came back and saw Tetsu withdraw his sword.He was shocked and went and talked to his master who was dead.(He turned insane:P)Tetsu was outside and he didn't leave with the squad and then Susumu came.Susumu said he was pretty strong but Tetsu said he want to hear it one more time.Suzu was washing his master's head and was crying.Tetsu was running similing and Souji said he won't be that he won't turn out to be like me.