Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Jan 13, 2004 on

Episode Recap

It was the day after that incident from the shimabara.Tetsu was having a bad dream about the past of how his parents were killed by a man who was in fire.Yamanami was worrying about him.Tatsu told the 3 comedians not to bring Tetsu back to the Shimabara which was the whorehouse again while they were leaving.Souji came in while Tatsu was having a bad memory recall.They were having a conversation,Tatsu told him that he didn't want revengence and didn't want Tetsu invovled because he was worrying about other stuff like being hungry or having no money.Mean While Suzumu was commiting sucide because he failed his mission but aye-nee stop him.At night Tetsu went outside and thought and saw someone but he thought it was Suzumu in disguise but it was really Aye.Aye hugged him because Tetsu reminded him of Keisuke who was Aye little brother.Tetsu was wondering the whole night why she was crying.
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