Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 24

Peace Maker

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2004 on

Episode Recap

It begins with Ryoma Sakamoto singing the Star Spangled Banner.(which was bad.)Tetsu was there with him and suddenly the Peace Maker appeared...which was his father.His Father told him that he should chose his own path and have more faith in himself and also told him to become a "Peace Maker"(He said it to him in english)Then his dad suddenly started to glow and flew up high in the air while Tetsu was screaming "Dad." Ryoma explained to him that PEACE MAKER is someone who makes peace.Suddenly Tetsu was on the grass waking up from his dream.

Tetsu and the rest of the gang were at Souji room looking to see how he is.Souji asked "Are you going to the Gion festival." Shin said that they would always watch the fireworks at the roof of the army base.Then Sano filled with excitement and said they were going to go to the roof as usual and watch fireworks while drinking Sake.Then Hijikata came in and said they may not while they were all in shock of the way he looked and how he surprised them.Then they all complain that they have nothing else to do.Then Hijikata said that the enemey might be moving and waiting to attck the base...but they still complain while Shin was the smart one and told them to shut up.Hijikata thought they had guts with that kind of attitude.Then Shin said it will be fine, they were all strong and Hijikata gave in and said go to an area where you are easily be contacted by others.They were all delighted.

Then Tetsu asked "Hijikata-san would you like some tea.Hijikata-san repiled "No!!!,your tea are horrible!!The only time i would drink it is when i'm very thirsty." Tetsu was in tears and turned into a statue hehehe.

Susumu took Tetsu and left to the gion festival.They both walked down the hall.Susumu wanted to bring Tatsu along which Tetsu argue on that.Then suddenly Saitoh came and said Tetsu's name which scared Tetsu.He said that the shadow hunting Tetsu was finally gone.Yamanami came and wanted Tetsu to come with him for awhile.They went to a graveyard visiting the dead.Tetsu said he felt sorry for not going to the raid and felt glad that he didn't die.After awhile Tetsu left.

Tetsu was running around wearing a mask.Tetsu wanted to see Tatsu used the rifle since he was very good with it but Tatsu passed.Then Tetsu ran off and told them to wait for him.Then Tatsu bowed his head to Susumu down for saying sorry because he almost punched Susumu.Tetsu was running thinking about Saya and so he went to the Shamibara.The women wouldn't let him in so he left but Hana saw it and went to a window and got Tetsu attetion.Saya was there and she touched Tetsu ear wanting to know what happen.Tetsu told her it was just a cut and it will heal.Then Tetsu said that no matter what he will never draw a katana to kill.Then he started to sing a song that was once sung by his mother to saya.Suddenly fireworks began to explode in the air.

This is the end of the series but i know there are many questions left answer.To answer some of these question you need to read the manga which continues the series.:D
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