Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Saitoh is walking around a pile of rubbles and then he saws a black cat jumping out of nowhere.

Sano was complaining the cloths were hang in the training room because it was raining and Tetsu didn't want it to get it wet. Tetsu was wondering where Ayu-nee is. Susumu is watching the rain and then Tetsu came in which he already noticed. Tetsu asked where Ayu-nee is but he said he didn't know. Tetsu said he could the heck out of Susumu for the answer and then Susumu said "What will you do when you find out?" Tetsu replied "Ayu-nee may never come back. I don't why but she said something weird that's why. "Susumu said that she's doing something dangerous and it doesn't concern you or something like that. Tetsu went and grab his shirt yelling at him and then Susumu grab his shirt and threw him away.

A guy hair is being brush by Ayu-nee. They were discussing something. Ayu-nee was seducing the guy into bed.

Souji was in his shensugumi uniform and then a Samurai came and charge at him but Souji killed him. Hijikata was finishing off the other guy. He then grabbed an umbrella and Souji went under. Hijikaa was discussing with Souji why they were attacking knowing they were the Shensengumi.

Yoshida was going out and Suzu wanted to go but Yoshida told him to stay. Yoshida said it was time he would kill the filthy one which was Tetsu.

Keisuke Yamanami was with his love at the Shimabara which he also brought Tetsu with him to see Saya. Yamanami said they should leave them both alone so they both left. Yamanami was discussing about a women who cooks for them has been missing for a week. The hair dresser lady said she must have many friends that worries about her. Then she has a flashback with two other shinobi who abandon her because there Job as tools were done and flashback ends. Then she said to Yamanami that she was all alone and then Yamanami said that sometimes he was alone even though he was with his comrades. They both hugged each other in the rain.

Saya wanted to know if Tetsu was alright and Tetsu replied he was scared. Then Saya pulled his face toward her and then place his head on her lap. Then two girls who at the door shut the door.

Ayu-nee and the guy was finished having. . . you know what :D. Ayu-nee was naked but had a blanket around her :P. Then that guy said there was a woman that was coming to work and was gathering information. Then suddenly ton of men appeared with swords. Ayn-nee got dressed and then throw a ninja star at him but it only injured Masuya arm only then Ayu-nee was caught by the arms. Masuya said they could do anything to her and said to be very careful when disposing her.

Tetsu was walking in the hall of the Shensengumi hq and was thinking back when Ayu-nee was about to leave. Then a guy came and said he saw a couple of guys carrying a woman.