Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Jan 20, 2004 on

Episode Recap

Tetsu has returned to his normal self and started to do his normal servant work.Souji was talking to Tatsu and thoughted of something very funny.Hijikata suddenly screaming saying "where is it?!!!" Tetsu suddenly heard Souji giggled loudly and wanted to see what he was doing.Tetsu want to know what she was reading but Souji said whoever read this secret thing will have perform seppuku.Tetsu pee his pants and Souji laughed and said it was just a joke.Souji asked him to read what's inside and Tetsu laughed so loudly saying that it was so funny.The book was filled with bunch of Haiku that was Hijikata Touzou.While they reading Hijikata's Haiku,Hijikata came in screaming "Souji!!."Tetsu was shaking very badly wondering if the Haiku book in his shirt was his.Tetsu was walking away but Hijikata said "They way your walking is strangely awkward" and Tetsu replied shakingly "Is that so?"

"Yes,Almost as if your hiding something against your chest,Let me see."Suddenly Souji took down Hijikata and said to Tetsu to take the book and run towards the end of the earth and this i where it get dramatic but then Hijikata ruined it by kicking Souji in the face and running ragely toward ichumarau.Tetsu was wondering why is he running with this thing and then Hijikata said what do you mean "this thing." Then suddenly Ryuma came running saying this is fun and Hijikata was wondering who this guy was and they ran off leaving Hijikata by himself.Hijikata went behind a huge rock and he saw the Shin and his partner.Tetsu gave them the book and they both laughed so much not understanding what those poems mean asking Tetsu.Tetsu told them it wasn't his but they wanted to know what it means.Suddenly it became windy and a firey aura was behind them and a voice came asking "Do you want to know what it means?"

All of them were all surprised and started to run realizing it was Hijikata's peom.Suddenly Shin dropped his bag of vegetables and Hijikata slipped on the potatoes.They were even scared more and they decided to split up.Too bad the two guz met up to Hijikata...hehehe:P.Tetsu was back to the Hq and souji was there and another dramatic scene happen.They kept saying each others name and it was ruin by the idiots who came in saying they run around the town 24 times.Hijikata suddenly appeared looking like a zombie and souji gave back the book to tetsu.Tetsu gave back the book to Tatsu who them gave it back to Hijikata.Tatsu yelled at tetsu who yelled at Tatsu first.Suddenly when they were eating they were complaning on how the bad the food taste.Tetsu said he wanted seconds but he only eat because he was hungry and this pissed Shin off who made the food.Tatsu realized why Souji did all this it was to regained tetsu spirit.Back to Hijikata who was looking at his Haiku book.The book was covered with drawing of pigs who souji drew.
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