Peace Maker Kurogane

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Feb 03, 2004 on

Episode Recap

The show begins with Tetsu having a nightmare and screaming while he walks up.He hears a sound outside and see Souji.Souji was surprised that he was up late and Tetsu said why was he up late too?They both two each why and then suddenly a voice came from the front door and it looks like the Kyoto police wanted to see Kondou.The issue was regrading Souji killing their officers but Hijikata said that Souji was with him all night and said it must be someone impersonating Souji and said he will find the truth to this.They all trust him and understood.

Souji was out patroling and being talked about the civilians. Souji recognize the girl by the bridge it and went over to see her it was the girl who was trick by the fake Souji which was name Hotaru.Hotaru said that they talked yesterday and realize and aked if your the real Souji?Souji was shocked and went to talk to her privatly and wanted to know what was happening.

At night when Hijikata was going to Souji's room he saw Souji standing by himself coughing really badly.He went over to ask if he's all right but then suddenly a swing of light appear it was a sword.Hijikata dodged it of course:P.Kichisaburou went and charged against Hijikata and he dodged every swing.Then suddenly Saitoh appeared and protected Hijikata and slash Kichisaburou then Kichisaburou got impatient and fled.At the same time Souji came back from patrol and wanted to know what was happening.Hijikata explained everything.

Hijikata,Saitoh,and Souji finally made a move and went to their enemy hq.At the entrance was a black cat who transformed into panthar and then attcked them but Souji killed it while Saitoh told him not to.They all were transferred to another place Saitoh said it was a trap and they have falled in it.He said
"It's definitely the work of a Onmyouji who is a master of Chinese spells.The trap they have fallen was the "Eighth Methods of Incantation"

Then Hotaru who followed Souji try to open the door but it wouldn't open.She then saw an amulet on the door and took it off which open the door.This amulet was the reason to the incantation. She kept going and take off the rest of the amulet.

Meanwhile the other gang ran into trouble and was trapped in a thick mist.A monster appeared and try to slice Souji but missed.It try again but miss. Hataru ran into the last amulet and took it off but then a mysterious appear but she still took it off.The spell disappear and they saw the man who did the spell and Hijikata try to kill him but he vanished. Then Kichisaburou appeared and while that the Noble higness was shooting arrows.He was crazy and then when he shoot another arrow at Hijikata caught it and then he try to kill Kichisaburou but the highness protected Kichisaburou and then was covered in flames.Hataru appeared and was crying saying she was useless but without they wouldn't of escaped.They all went back and Hataru at the front door said "Okita-sama,Ilove you!!!"and quickly ran way.