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The Western Frontier is disappearing as encroaching civilization and the industrial age meet in 1882. Nowhere is the clash of the old and new more evident than in law enforcement. With the advent of such innovations as fingerprinting and photography, modern police investigation is born.

"Peacemakers" revolves around the often contentious relationship between a grizzled, middle-aged Federal Marshall played by Tom Berenger ("Platoon," "Major League") and his cocky young deputy played by Peter O'Meara ("Band of Brothers"), who is a former Pinkerton agent from Chicago with a degree from Yale and a wagonload of forensic equipment.

"Peacemakers'" two-hour pilot is completed and the production of the eight new episodes will begin in May 2003. Rick Ramage ("Stigmata," "Haunted") is the writer/executive producer and the director/co-executive producer is Larry Carroll ("Brimstone," "The Huntress"). Michael R. Joyce (USA's "Attila," "Atomic Train") serves as producer. The production company is Michael R. Joyce Productions, Inc.

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failed crime, facing danger, for men, for the nostalgic, gritty crime scenarios