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Fun, engaging crime-drama western...

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    ... with a slight "clan of the cave bear" feel.

    If you've ever read "The Clan of the Cave Bear" you might know what I'm talking about. The lead character Ayla, seemingly single-handedly discovered on her own all sorts of important discoveries for mankind... well, except fire.

    Peacemakers was a great show and slightly implausible in that way: the frontiers of the old West were the site of dozens of forensic application discoveries never-before seen or used.

    However, it was fascinating to watch how they'd solve crimes without computers or labs and only using the materials they had on hand - back in the old West. Exceptionally creative, and the stories were original and memorable.

    Thought I found the DVDs on ebay and promptly bid, then found out the DVD were illegal when ebay ended the auction. Bummer!

    Another lost gem.

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    Yeah. I used to go to my parents and we'd have dinner and watch this together.
    CSI on the range! lol
    I still miss it.
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