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  • One of the best modern westerns ever

    This was a GREAT show. As others have written, CSI meets the old west. Great story lines, great actors, great writing. I don't know why some of the best shows are cancelled while so much crap is still on the air. God, I miss good old west themed shows. This and the TV series version of Magnificent Seven, some of the best.
  • this was a pretty good show.

    i never even saw this show before it was cancelled. i saw it when it was rerun on cmt or something. i thought it was pretty good. kind of like csi in the old west. i have always liked tom berringer. he could never support a good movie on his back but i think he is a perfect fit for television.
  • This was one of the best new shows to hit the T.V., since well the T.V. was invented.

    One of its biggest problems was that U.S.A. Network kept moving it around. You never new when it was going to be on. It combined a western and CSI into one great show. It had the necessary western shoot-outs and violence with interesting plots and even some romance. Great show, too bad it didn\'t make it.
  • Best show that I had seen, need more shows like that one, more western themes, less violence

    I really enjoyed watching Peacemakers, Tom Berenger is the best in my book. Was sorry to see that it was taken of the air, once it was taken of the air, so was my subscription to satalite tv. Would like to see Peacemakers out on dvd sometime in the near future. Would like to see more western theme movies/tv shows out instead of all the violence.