Peach Girl

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Last Typhoon!
      Last Typhoon!
      Episode 25
      As Momo and Toji leave for their day-trip, Kairi and Sae watch from a distance. Sae, not content with the way things have played out, encourages Kairi to complicate things a bit.
    • Last Hurricane!
      Last Hurricane!
      Episode 25
      Since Momo was talking to Aki about Kairi, she was an hour late meeting Touji. Of course, she got all anxious and thought that Touji would be super mad, but he wasn't. They continue on their trip. Sae patronizes Kairi for not stopping Momo and Touji boarding the train. Momo is still at conflict with herself over who she loves more.moreless
    • The Truth About Goodbye
      Crushed by Momo’s decision to stay with Toji, Kairi results to drastic measures to make her listen to him.
    • The Truth of Goodbye
      After Momo makes her decision, Kairi grabs Momo and makes a break for it. Momo explains why she made the choice she did. Also, Momo's grades aren't too great, so she's having doubts about getting into collage. Momo decides to take a trip to forget about all the school stress.
    • Forced to Choose
      Forced to Choose
      Episode 23
      With Sae’s sights set on Misao, it can only mean trouble.
    • Forced Into a Choice
      Aki finally sees Ryo for what he really is, and breaks up with him. Being single again, Ryo asks Sae to get back together, and they arrange a meeting place. Kairi catches Momo putting his student handbook (and her picture) on his desk. Since the jig is up, Kairi admits he is still in love with her and embraces her…Then Touji walks in the room. Kairi begs for Touji to give Momo to him, so Momo is forced to choose between the two.moreless
    • Imaginary Love Affair
      Momo discovers that Kairi has replaced Misao’s picture in his student handbook with hers. Could he still have feelings for her? And does she still have feelings for him?
    • Imaginary Love
      Imaginary Love
      Episode 22
      Since Kairi didn't show up at the train station, Momo assumed that he didn't have feelings for her anymore, but when Momo finds out that Kairi has a picture of her, she discovers that the things she thought she knew turn out to be untrue. Momo continues dating Touji just like it would have been if Sae wasn't in the picture, but Momo's thoughts are filled with Kairi. Sae confronts Ryo while Aki is there.moreless
    • Continuous Love Storm Warnings!
      As the new school year begins, the rumor mill picks up right where it left off. Momo gets everyone talking when she shows up hand-in-hand with Toji instead of Kairi.
    • Storm Warning of Love's Revival
      After Okayasu never showed up, Momo went ahead and went on the trip with Touji. Now, the rumors are up again when Momo walks to school with Touji. Her friends are also annoyed with Momo's decision, so she is in for even more drama.
    • One Stormy Night
      One Stormy Night
      Episode 20
      It's almost the end of summer vacation! Momo and Okayasu will be reunited soon... or so Momo thought. Instead Okayasu was a No-Show and Momo is already prepared to go solo. But, Momo ends up with unexpected company, Touji.
    • The Emotional Puzzle
      With Kairi gone for the summer and Toji working by her side, Momo is more than a little self-conscious.
    • Puzzle of Feelings
      Puzzle of Feelings
      Episode 19
      Momo confides in Sae and she tries to "help" the cause by convincing Okayasu to confess to his true love. He does and gets rejected. Okayasu was in love with her for so long, he was having trouble understanding his feelings. He goes on a trip where he can sort things out. Momo waits for Okayasu to return and tries (in vain?) not to fall back in love with Touji.moreless
    • A Summer Seduction
      A Summer Seduction
      Episode 18
      Feeling jilted by the kiss between Kairi and Misao, Momo doesn’t really know what to think anymore.
    • Temptations of Midsummer
      Sae and Ryou have broken up, the boyfriend tricking his girlfriend into starring in a porn video can do that to a relationship. Anyway, Momo walks in on Okayasu kissing the sleeping Misao. Momo is really jealous and hurt, but she knew the conditions for them to go out. Momo is only sure of one thing, and that thing is she loves Okayasu. Because of the love, Momo forces herself to keep on keeping on in the relationship.moreless
    • Direct Line to Pure Love
      Momo decides that being “second best” with Kairi is better than being without him, and they proceed to make plans for a summer vacation together.
    • Straight Line of Pure Love!
      Momo and Okayasu broke up, because Okayasu is in love with someone else. But, Momo refuses to let it end like that. She is far too much in love for it to actually end. So, they get back together with the fact that Momo is only 2nd best in Okayasu's heart and they are happy... that is until They learn about Sae's relationship problems with Okayasu's brother, Ryou.moreless
    • When Love Hits Rock Bottom
      When asked to explain his relationship with Misao, the long-lost love from his past, all Kairi can say is “Sorry.”
    • Uncovering Lost Love
      Momo makes a shocking discovery. Apparently, Okayasu can't "touch" the girl he is in love with. That can't be true according to Momo because he is always making a pass at her... Momo, in the heat of the moment, tells Okayasu that she loves him. But, that seemed to be an off switch for him, because he stopped kissing her and sent her home. The next day at school Okayasu is completely ignoring Momo, and then rejects Momo's invitation to walk home together with the excuse of helping out his parents. But, when Momo makes a visit at Misao's place she learns something she would have never guessed. Misao is the woman from the photo.moreless
    • Who Will It Be?
      Who Will It Be?
      Episode 15
      While looks can be deceiving, Momo’s no stranger to deception. When she finally realizes that Kairi was telling the truth about his brother, she returns to his side of things.
    • Who's Your True Love?
      After Momo met Okayasu's older brother, Ryou, she can't believe that Okayasu hates him, that is, until Ryou shows his try colors. Okayasu and Momo, finally clear things up and are good again. Now Sae has a new love interest?! And what is this news of Momo not being Okayasi's true love?moreless
    • The Man Who Creates a Storm
      Kairi continues to amaze Momo, even going out of his way for the brother whose shadow he’s always had to live in.
    • The Man Who Calls Forth A Storm
      Momo makes Okayasu a new phone case for his cell phone and when she finished, she wanted to give it to him right then. But, she couldn't get in touch with him. She called his house and his brother told her he was at the book store. On her way to give it to him, Momo finds Okayasu talking to Morika about how she is in love and will be waiting at a hotel tomorrow. Momo, in a rage of fury and feelings of being betrayed, chunks his present at his face then storms out.moreless
    • Shock! An Ex-Girlfriend Barges In!
      Who’s that girl?!? Just when Momo finally starts to relax and enjoy the relationship that is growing with Kairi, she finds a picture of him with a mysterious girl.
    • Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?
      Okayasu realizes Momo's feelings and they become an item, despite the fact that she still has romantic feelings for Touji. The rumors go wild yet again, but Momo and Okayasu don't care. They continue their relationship and have a conversation about how they first met.
    • The Peach Flower Blossomed?
      Touji and Momo are broken up. Momo took it hard, really hard. She skipped school for many days and probably would continue doing so if Okayasu didn't come to her rescue. He happily took her shopping and brought her spirits up. Now that Momo recognizes that there is no chance of her relationship with Touji to work out, she starts to develop feelings for Okayasu.moreless
    • The Unbearable Breakup
      Can Toji really love Sae? Even after seeing it with her own eyes, Momo can't believe that he would break up with her for Sae.
    • An Unbearable Breakup
      Sae is after Touji, again. It seems she has found his only weakness, Momo. Momo and he could actually break up over this. Momo has enough faith in Touji to know that Sae is scheming, but why he is going along with it, she doesn't understand.
    • Peach Crisis
      Peach Crisis
      Episode 10
      Sae had set Momo up to be "raped" by her model boyfriend. Sae also kissed Touji (for real this time) and she still had the nerve to pretend to be Momo's friend. Well, Okayasu, Touji, and Momo aren't falling for it ever again and decide to get revenge.
    • Operation: Destruction of Pure Love
      It's Momo's birthday! Touji has a special date planned for the two of them. Meanwhile, Sae is yet again plotting against Momo, only this time Sae has connections.
    • Fame Isn't Enough
      With Sae and Jigoro a romantic commodity, her classmates have once more turned a blind eye to past events.
    • Black Girl
      Black Girl
      Episode 8
      When Touji came back, Sae was exposed as a fraud and lost all credibility and became known for what she really is. Now, she is back. She is dating one of the most popular male models, and has her face plastered all over magazines. Sae really doesn't care about it, though, she really just wants to rub her fame in Momo's-and whoever else will listen- face. Only thing is, Momo is happy in love with Touji, so she really couldn't care less.moreless
    • A Brief Love Sign
      Touji comes back to school earlier than anticipated and Sae's lies are crumbled. Now, after realizing the error of his ways, Touji redeems himself with Momo and they are back on track as a "lovey-dovey" couple.
    • Sudden Death at Love
      With the school swim meet close at hand, Momo suits up to do her part and help Class Three, but the odds are against her as usual.
    • Crash! Love's Sudden Death
      Momo actually lets Okayasu hug her! She learns that he is not such a bad guy plus he has grown on her-due to the fact that he always helps her when she's down. Only now Okayasu is the target for the rumors!
    • The Swim Meet From Hell
      When the chips are down...The race is on! Now that Sae has gotten what she wanted, you think she would leave poor Momo alone.
    • Swimming Competition of Red Hot Raging Waves
      Because Touji is so deluded from the truth and because he refuses to listen to the truth, Momo breaks up with him. Sae tells the school more lies and now the everyone at school is doing mean, hateful things to Momo. And if that's not bad enough, there is also a swimming competition that Momo is forced to participate in, despite her protests.moreless
    • The Catastrophe
      The Catastrophe
      Episode 4
      With suddenly reformed playboy Kairi at her side, Momo attempts to set the record straight with Toji.
    • Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe
      Misunderstands arise and Sae is pretty much the cause of it all. Sae has been filling Touji's head with lie after lie about Momo and her unfaithfulness. Touji, being hospitalized, doesn't know about all the false stories Sae has been saying about Okayasu, Momo, and him. One of those stories was that Momo is trying to steal her apparent boyfriend, Touji, therefore the school should keep Touji's hospitalization a secret. Finally, when Momo finds out, she goes to the hospital to clear up the misunderstandings, but Touji doesn't believe her.moreless
    • How Far Will You Go, Super Sae?
      Momo and Toji seem to have everything straightened out, but Sae is expert at playing their doubts.
    • You'd Go That Far!? Super Sae
      Momo saw Sae and Touji "kiss" behind the garden and when Sae adds on to the assumption by lying to Momo. Momo thinks that Touji is only with her because he thinks he can kiss her. But, that is not true at all. Momo doesn't know that though, so when Touji tries to kiss her in the same place Momo saw Sae and him, she rejects him.moreless
    • The Trap Kiss!
      The Trap Kiss!
      Episode 2
      When you finally find your true love you should want everyone to know, right? But when your "best friend" has less than your best interests at heart, the rules are rewritten.
    • Trap Kiss!
      Trap Kiss!
      Episode 2
      After Touji accidentally overheard Momo's feelings, he confesses his love to her. With mutual feelings they begin dating. Momo is happy as she can be... but that doesn't last because Sae just can't let Momo be happy! There are alsomore rumors of Momo being a "play girl" and her last two victims were Okayasu and Touji. With the rumors in mind, Momo asks Touji to keep their relationship a secret, especially from Sae.moreless
    • Love Hurricane!
      Love Hurricane!
      Episode 1
      Momo Adachi has the stereotypical appearance of a "play girl" but she is the exact opposite. She was on the swim team when she was younger, and is trying everything you can to turn her tan skin into white. Her best friend, Sae, is about all she has in the friends department...but Sae isn't exactly a friend at all with the way she has to have whatever Momo has. Still Momo makes it by day-to-day, but that could all crumble if her so-called-friend figures out who Momo is in love with.moreless
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