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Show Type: Animated Genre(s): Comedy, Children Show Status: No longer airing First Telecast: April 21, 2003 Last Telecast: May 27, 2003 Episodes: 58 Color Episodes, 1 TV Movie

Pecola is about a little penguin boy named Pecola living in a port town called "Cube Town," and the everyday life of Pecola and his friends and neighbors, all of whom have unique personalities. Cube Town is a quiet and peaceful town. Well, that is if Pecola isn't getting into trouble again! Pecola is so curious and hyper active that he has trouble staying out of trouble for long. Although he always has the best of intentions, he usually ends up causing trouble of some sort! Pecolius, Pecola's grandfather, a famous archeologist and adventurer, is raising the inquisitive Pecola and tries his best to keep him from causing too much trouble, but he knows he can only do so much.

Despite causing an occasional disaster, the whole community of Cube Town is like as an extended family to Pecola. They scold him and tease him; they also help and support him. Sometimes they even give him his favorite pudding! There is never a dull day in Cube Town when Pecola is out and about!

Pecola was originally seen in 3D computer-generated animation in April 1998 on Ponkickies, a program on Fuji TV.

The $5.5 million (Canadian) production cost of this series was split evenly between the Canadian and Japanese sides. Sales of the cartoons and spin-off products through 2003 are estimated at $68.5 million (Canadian) in Japan alone.

Pecola is the third production from Nelvana's state-of-the-art 3D facility in Toronto.

Achievements Second prize for an animated TV series, at Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival (VEAF), Canada.

Special Distinction for a TV Series at Annecy 2001 International Animated Film Festival, France.

Broadcasted in 30 countries including USA - Cartoon Network (What the guide is based on) Japan - TV Tokyo Canada - Teletoon France - TF1moreless
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  • This show rocks!!!!!

    I remember when this show first came on Cartoon Network when I was 8 to 9. I was very unhappy when this show got cancelled after 26 episodes. I always loved watching this when I was in the Third Grade. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!!!! I am so happy that Qubo is airing reruns of this awesome show. Sadly, it's just going to make me reminisce about it being on Cartoon Network. I will always love this show, no matter what. Running from April 21 to May 27 of 2003 with 26 episodes. Too bad websites like YouTube or Veoh don't have full episodes of this show. My favorite episode of this show was "Coco's Concert". It was a pretty good episode. Why does this show have to have low ratings? Bottom line: This was one of the greatest non-Cartoon Network shows to EVER hit Cartoon Network. This show rocks!!!!! I also loved watching this show during the Summer vacation of 2003.moreless
  • One of the crappiest shows in exsistance.

    This show is almost as bad as Gym Partner! I watched this show when I was 9 (the same time it came on), and I didn't even laugh ONCE! This show was like a dumber version if Higgly Town Heroes... only HTH is better then this. (And I HATE that show). Watch as I list the reason why this disgrace to television needs to be bombed off of's history:

    1. The jokes SUCK.

    2. The characters look like friggin' blocks!

    3. If you wanna see funny penguins, then go watch Madadascar.

    Overall: 1.0.

    I can't beleive I even REMEMBER this show. Was this supposed to be educational? I dunno... I'm glad it's gone off the face of the planet, though...moreless
  • CN, What were you thinking when you cancelled this show?

    This show was one of the very few shows i watched in the mornings before i went to school. Now, there's nothing good to watch. I would wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, then watch Pecola & Sitting Ducks. Now, there's nothing good on. My morning's are so screwed up, i feel like dieing. Please, Bring It Back!!!