Pecola - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • High and Dry: Pecola meets a new friend through Pecolius' old rainbox. Pecola's friend is a cloud and she only causes trouble as rain ruins Cube Town's great weather. Two Brilliant Inventors: Little Chu makes a new invention: new and improved sunglasses. Little Chu thinks that Dr. Chu called his sunglasses pathetic and Little Chu begins to cry.moreless
  • 5/6/03
    Golagola: Pecola decides to go by Cube Town's bay and he suddenly starts gasping for air. Pecola's sinking in deep water. A sea monster named Golagola comes to Pecola's rescue. Operation Papazoni: Pecola looks at his calandar and finds out that it's Mayor Papazoni's birthday. Pecola tells everyone in Cube Town about the mayor's birthday.moreless
  • Pecola's Penguin Special: Pecola takes over for Cori as she goes to see a movie. Pecola decides to make a sandwich of his very own while Cori is gone. Bot and Switch: Pecola gets angry when Robo-Pecola begins to become the main attraction in his town. Pecola comes up with a dirty plan to make a costume and to dress up like Robo-Pecola.moreless
  • Not Seeing is Disbelieving: Pecola's always been a curious penguin, but this is ridiculous. Pecola pulls a red lever that makes him turn invisible. Melancholy Pecola: Pecola has seemed very depressed lately in Cube Town. The citizens wonder why Pecola is not acting like his usual self.
  • 5/1/03
    Half Baked: Mrs. Bernard is fed up with her sleepy husband, Bernard, because he never helps working with the bakery. Pecola and Coco try and help Bernard with his relation ship with his wife. Hide n' Go Sleep: Hide n' Seek has always been a great game but competition is acceptional in Cube Town. The defending champ, Mr. Puggalski, is back. Will he grab the Hide n' Seek trophy once again?moreless
  • Cube Town Tri-Brag-A-Thon: Bongo has trained his way into another marathon race. Bongo has never lost in any of the Cube Town races before. When the crowd cheers for Bongo, he suddenly starts bragging which makes the other contestants angry.Wild Ride: The Rookery Mountain Tunnel has been worked on by many construction workers and now it's completed. The Rookery Mountain Tunnel will transport people from other towns into Cube Town.moreless
  • 4/29/03
    Spring Cleaning: It's Spring Cleaning Day in Cube Town and the only thing Pecola wants to do is help out. No one wants Pecola's help because he's always a trouble maker. Monster Moth: Rudy, Little Chu, and Pecola make a joke about a giant, fire-breathing moth. As the rumor goes around, Rudy and Little Chu make a costume for Pecola as the giant moth.moreless
  • One Lonely Night: At the astronomy lab, Professor Hornbender cannot keep his eyes on the night sky because he gets so tired. Pecola comes to help Mr. Hornbender with his sleeping problems.

    Miss Lucky's Bloopers: Miss Lucky's television show is canceled because of low ratings after the new show "Big City Life" premiered with very high ratings.moreless
  • Your Wish is My Command: Pecola's neighbor, Aunty Yorkshire, is always busy and she wants to do other things. When Pecola finds out that she needs help, he's on her case. Robbie to the Rescue: Robo-Pecola turns Robbie's computer game into a real-live game. As Robo-Pecola and Robbie enter the cyber world, trouble confronts the two.moreless
  • 4/24/03
    Robo-Rocket: Pecola, Little Chu, and Robo-Pecola head off to the railroad tracks to introduce Robo-Pecola to Steamer. Mayor Muddle: Cube Town is holding another election for mayor but Mayor Papazoni is the only person running for the job.
  • 4/23/03
    Fire Drill Frenzy: Pecola is looking for a job. When he searches down a long list of jobs, one sticks out from all the rest - a fire fighter. Hurricane Pecola: Rory starts worrying that he will never be the Mail Carrier of the Month. Pecola comes to help Rory with his problem.moreless
  • 4/22/03
    Constellation Pecola: Pecola goes to Professor Hornbender and learns about the Cubic Solar System. Good Deeds: Pecola and Rudy are interrupted while doing their daily pranks when Robbie comes and tells the two about the new television show "Good Samaritans".
  • 4/21/03
    Double Troubles: Dr. Chu creates a robot to help Pecola learn to be a good penguin. Detective Pecola: Pecola is on the case of the mysterious Cube Town citizen Al A. Gator.
  • Enter Pecola/Create-A-Town
    Enter Pecola: Pecola moves into Cube Town and begins creating mischief for the town.

    Create-A-Town: Pecolius, Pecola's grandfather tells the tale of Cube Town's past.