Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 6

Accidental Playhouse

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 13, 1990 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mrs. Rene comes into the Playhouse and greets everybody. Mrs. Rene hears the picture phone ringing and tells Pee-wee to answer it. Pee-wee is in the bathroom, so he tells Mrs. Rene to answer it for him. Mrs. Rene gets into the picture phone booth and answers the call. It is Cowboy Curtis on the other end. Pee-wee shouts from the bathroom asking who is calling, and Mrs. Rene tells him. Pee-wee asks Mrs. Rene what Cowboy Curtis wants. Curtis wants to find out what today's secret word is. Pee-wee tells Mrs. Rene to go ask Conky. Mrs. Rene tells Curtis to stay on the line, and she goes over to Conky and activates him. Mrs. Rene asks Conky for today's secret word: "place." Mrs. Rene goes back to the picture phone and asks Cowboy Curtis if he's moved recently. Curtis says he's still in the same old "place." Curtis finds out he said the secret word. Cowboy Curtis has to go, and so he tells Mrs. Rene to take it easy. After Mrs. Rene hangs up, she sees Pee-wee who has come out of the bathroom. She tells him Reba gave her a letter to give to him, but she forgot where she put it. Pee-wee decides they should look for the letter - it had to be around some "place" in the playhouse. Mrs. Rene is only teasing Pee-wee and she gives him his letter. Pee-wee thanks Mrs. Rene. She had to go because Mrs. Rene is needed some other "place."

Pee-wee has gotten a letter from Japan! Globey tells Pee-wee he has been to Japan last summer. Globey talks about his vacation in Japan explaining who he met and what he saw. Globey says Japan is small and a lot of people live their. It can get very crowded sometimes. Globey has made lots of new Japanese friends. Chairry asks Pee-wee what his letter says, and Pee-wee finds it is written in Japanese. Pee-wee asks Conky to translate the letter for him. Pee-wee inserts the letter in a slot on Conky and the English translation comes out where Pee-wee gets the secret word. Pee-wee reads the letter. It is from a young Japanese man named Oki Doki, who lives in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It says Oki will be coming to visit the United States soon and visit Pee-wee at the Playhouse. Chairry says to Pee-wee, "It must be fun having lots of friends." Magic Screen shows Pee-wee a short movie. Pretty soon, Mr. Window tells Pee-wee someone is coming. Pee-wee wonders who it could be. As soon as Pee-wee opens the door, he meets his friend Oki from Japan. Pee-wee tells him, "You weren't kidding when you said you'd come over." Oki says, "It's an honor to meet you." Oki bows, which is a Japanese tradition. Pee-wee bows back to Oki. Then they bow together and bump into each other's heads by accident. Pee-wee tells Oki to come in. Pee-wee tells everyone to welcome Oki to the Playhouse. Pee-wee and Oki hit themselves in the heads while bowing again. Oki says the Playhouse is known all over the world and is a very special "place." Oki is surprised he has said the secret word. Pee-wee asks Oki if he can say it in Japanese. Oki says "hai," meaning "yes" in Japanese. The Japanese word for "place" is "tokoro." Oki has a present to give to Pee-wee. Pee-wee tells Oki to fork it over to him. Oki gives Pee-wee his present and says "dozo," which means "please have it." Pee-wee looks at his present in a funny way, but he thanks Oki anyway to be polite. Pee-wee asks if it was candy. Oki explains that it is raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed: sushi. The Fish sing a little bit about sushi. Pee-wee says to Oki sarcastically, "Thanks, but I just brushed my teeth." Oki has something else for Pee-wee: a movie with a Japanese monster called Gamara. Gamara teaches a boy what would happen if people polluted the oceans. The water is sacred and is one of mankind's precious posessions. Pee-wee likes that movie. Oki asks Pee-wee if he can show him how to do origami. Pee-wee thinks Oki is going to show him how to break bricks with his bare hands. "That is karate," Oki corrects Pee-wee. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Oki shows Pee-wee how to do it. Oki makes a paper swan for Pee-wee. Pee-wee asks Oki if he can do it himself. Not having paid attention to what Oki did, Pee-wee just crumbles a sheet of paper into a ball. Oki asks Pee-wee what it is, and Pee-wee says that he made a swan's egg. With that, Pee-wee laughs uncontrolably. Oki decides to leave because of Pee-wee's craziness. , though he leaves in a polite manner. Oki says he has other pen-pals to visit. Pee-wee thanks Oki for coming by. As they head for the door, Pee-wee tells Oki to stop by next time he's in the neighborhood. Oki says "sayonara" to Pee-wee and his friends, meaning "goodbye." Pee-wee mispronounces it as "shanalada" in fun. Pee-wee and Oki bump their heads again as they bow. After Oki leaves, Pee-wee turns to the camera and says "shanalada." He bumps his head into the camera as he bows.

Later, Pee-wee and his frends are playing charades. It is Miss Yvonne's turn. While she acts out the title, Pee-wee, his friends, and the viewers try to guess it. They are trying to guess a song title with five words. Miss Yvonne does a motion. Magic Screen thinks the song is "Mary Had a Little Lamb," but it isn't. For the second word, Miss Yvonne does the same motion. It means that the first two words are the same. Magic Screen guesses "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," but it has only four words. For the third word, Miss Yvonne does the same motion again. Pee-wee has the answer, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Since Pee-wee guessed, he has his turn. The answer is one word with two syllables. The motion for the first syllable looks like Pee-wee is driving something. Pterri thinks Pee-wee is driving a fire truck, but it isn't. Chairry guesses it's a car, and "car" is the first syllable. For the second syllable, Pee-wee holds up two fingers. Globey guesses "peace," and Miss Yvonne guesses "victory." Conky guesses "two," and that is right. The two words put together sound like a familiar word. Everybody tries to sound out the answer one syllable at a time, and the word is "cartoon." Miss Yvonne is the first to guess it. Speaking of which, we get to see a cartoon!

Today for snack time, Pee-wee is having some water. Randy thinks water is a crumby snack. Pee-wee explains that it's important to drink lots of water. It's healthy for you, and it's a refreshing snack to have anytime. The Fish say they never leave home without it. Finally, it is time for Pee-wee to leave and he tells everyone to come back next show, same time, same "place."