Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 8

Camping Out

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 27, 1990 on CBS

Episode Recap

Pee-wee is still asleep, and he dreams up bursts of color flashing to some music. Pee-wee opens his eyes and sees the viewers are already here. Pee-wee seems to have overslept. Pee-wee gets out of bed and asks Clocky what time it is. Clocky tells Pee-wee it's showtime - time for Pee-wee to get up and sparkle. Pee-wee puts on his bunny slippers and goes to the bathroom. Along the way, he says "good morning" to Floory. Pee-wee goes to the toilet and washes his hands after that. Pee-wee almost forgets to flush the toilet. Pee-wee gets his electric toothbrush and dabs a little toothpaste on it. Then Pee-wee brushes his teeth as he hums. Pee-wee rinses and spits after brushing, and he takes a cup of some mouthwash. He swishes the mouthwash around and gargles it. The Fish gargle along with Pee-wee. Finally, Pee-wee spits it out in the sink and rinses it out. Magic Screen sees Pee-wee is still in his pajamas and wonders if he should get dressed. Pee-wee wonders what he should wear today, and Magic Screen shows him some silly outfits. Pee-wee decides he should just wear his regular, everyday Pee-wee suit.

It is breakfast time. Pee-wee races the viewers to the kitchen, and he lets them win. Pee-wee goes to the refrigerator to get some cantaloupe and honeydew melon for breakfast. As Pee-wee eats, Globey asks him what today's secret word is. Pee-wee tells Globey to ask Conky. Globey rolls himself over to where Conky is and activates him. Globey asks Conky how he's doing, and Conky says he's doing fine. Globey asks Conky what today's secret word is, and Conky reveals it. Unfortunately, Globey is too short to get it himself. Pee-wee couldn't help him because he is still eating breakfast. Conky helps Globey out and gives him the secret word. Today's secret word is "show." Globey tries out the secret word on Pee-wee, who has now finished breakfast. Conky wonders how Pee-wee knows today's secret word is "show." Pee-wee answers that he knows everything - it's his "show." Pee-wee says, "Right now, the picture phone is going to start ringing." Nothing happens, so Pee-wee tries again only a little louder. The picture phone finally rings and Pee-wee answers it.

Rhonda, Pee-wee's picture phone operator, is calling Pee-wee. Rhonda asks Pee-wee how he is, what is going on, and what he's doing. Pee-wee says he's doing fine, nothing is happening, and he's doing his "show." Rhonda loves the secret word, and Pee-wee says to her "Why don't you merry it." Rhonda has a crush on someone who wears a plaid suit and red bow tie and has his own "show." Pee-wee wishes her luck in finding that guy. Rhonda asks Pee-wee if she can connect him with someone. Pee-wee doesn't think so. Rhonda wonders if there's a number she can look up for him. Pee-wee doesn't think it's necessary. Rhonda wonders if she can interrupt somebody's call for him, and Pee-wee says "no." So Rhonda lets him go and says, "If you need me, call me." Pee-wee and Rhonda say "goodbye" over and over again until she finally disconnects. Mrs. Rene has agreed with Pee-wee to Playhouse-sit for him while he and Cowboy Curtis are out camping. Pee-wee tells his friends in the Playhouse to obey Mrs. Rene and that they should be in bed by 7:30. Everyone moans, so Pee-wee decides they can go to bed by midnight. Outside, Cowboy Curtis is waiting for Pee-wee. Pee-wee says "goodbye" to everyone as he heads out the door. Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis ride on their horses. Pee-wee likes being a cowboy just like Curtis. Cowboy Curtis says that he loves nature and tells Pee-wee that it's important to take care of nature by not polluting the air and water. Pee-wee adds that all the beauty of nature will remain natural for generations to come. Pee-wee hears his own voice bouncing back in the distance. It's an echo! He and Curtis play around with their echoing, then ride on their horses to a yodeling song. Later that night, Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis are roasting wieners over an open fire. Curtis' wiener is a tad overcooked, but it's just the way he likes it. Pee-wee asks Curtis to pass him a bun, but Curtis says he didn't bring any buns. Pee-wee hasn't brought any buns himself. Cowboy Curtis decides they should forget about the buns. They might as well eat their wieners just as they are. Pee-wee sets his wiener on his plate and asks Curtis to pass him some mustard, and Curtis says "I thought you were gonna bring the mustard." Pee-wee does a triple-take, and they both laugh. At bedtime, Cowboy Curtis sings for Pee-wee playing his guitar. Together, Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis get into their sleeping bags. As they drift off, they both look up at the sky and see the stars. There seems to be billions of stars in the sky. Pee-wee wonders if there might be someone camping out on one of the stars, and Cowboy Curtis imagines that there might be. Then, the 2 friends sleep under the stars. The next morning at the Playhouse, Mrs. Rene is playing her own version of This Little Piggy with Pterri. Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis return early so as not to miss the cartoon. Clocky says they're just in time to watch it. When the cartoon is over, it is time for Pee-wee to leave. He tells the viewers to come back next time for another great "show."
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