Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 3

Front Page Pee-wee

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 22, 1990 on CBS



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    • Chairry: Have you read the story about Miss Yvonne?
      Globey: Do you think it's true?
      Conky: It must be. It's in the newspaper.
      Globey: Why did she do it?! I thought she was our friend!
      (Miss Yvonne storms in)
      Miss Yvonne: Who's responsible for this?!
      (she shows everyone the headline of the paper)
      Pterri: "Miss Yvonne Robs Playhouse"?!
      (everyone is shocked)
      Chairry: I can't believe my eyes!
      Dirty Dog: Yeah! She ain't no crook!
      Miss Yvonne: I just can't believe this! Why, these are all lies!
      Pee-wee: Hi, everybody. So, did you all enjoy the paper?
      Everyone else: NO!
      Globey: I didn't say there were headhunters in Iceland.
      Pee-wee: But...
      Jambi: And you told everyone I'd give them 2 wishes.
      Pee-wee: But... But...
      Miss Yvonne: And why did you print this about me?
      (she hands Pee-wee her copy of the paper; Pee-wee is shocked to see the headline)
      Pee-wee: "Miss Yvonne Robs Playhouse"?!!
      Miss Yvonne: You know it isn't true.
      Pee-wee: Gosh, everyone. I didn't write this.
      Everyone else: Who did?!
      Randy: I did! (laughs)

    • Pterri: Oh, Jambi!
      Jambi: What is it, Pterri?
      Pterri: May I have my 2 wishes, please?
      Jambi: Wishes? What wishes?
      Pterri: It says right here on your horoscope column, everyone gets 2 wishes today.
      Jambi: Wait a minute! That's not what I said!

    • Magic Screen: Gee, Globey. I didn't know there were headhunters in Iceland.
      Globey: What?! Who says?
      Magic Screen: You do, right here on page 3.
      Globey: I didn't write that. The people of Iceland are very friendly.

    • Globey: You know, Pee-wee, a newspaper is a great way to find out what's happening.
      Pterri: What does it say about me?
      Chairry: What does it say about me?
      Floory: What about me?
      Globey: Sorry, everybody. There's nothing in it about the Playhouse.
      Pee-wee: That gives me a great idea, Globey. Why don't we start a Playhouse newspaper. And everyone here can help write stories.

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  • Allusions

    • The refrigerator's newspaper is called The Deli Planet. This is a reference to Superman which features a newspaper called The Daily Planet.

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