Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 7

Fun, Fun, Fun

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 20, 1990 on CBS

Episode Recap

The viewing audience is greeted by Billy Baloney. Pee-wee appears and Billy asks him who he is. "I'm Pee-wee herman, the star of the show. Remember?" Billy says, "No, you're not." Pee-wee says, "Yes, I am." They argue until finally Pee-wee puts Billy in his toy box. Pee-wee strolls over to Conky, activates him, and asks for the secret word. Pee-wee says today's secret word is "no" (NO). Pee-wee hears Conky say "No," and Pee-wee says to him "That's right, "no" is the secret word." Pee-wee asks Conky if he'd like to tell the viewers what today's secret word is himself, and Conky again says "No." Conky convinces to Pee-wee that "no" is not the secret word. Conky tells Pee-wee, "You are holding the secret word upside down." Pee-wee realizes, and finds out today's secret word is "on" (ON). Pee-wee finds you can read the secret word in two different ways: one way is "no" (NO) and the other way is "on" (ON). Pee-wee decides there should be some special rules. Normally, everybody screams whenever they hear the secret word. But when you hear the secret upside down word, you should scream upside down. Pee-wee tries the secret word out "on" Chandelier first, and then the secret upside down word "on" Magic Screen. Doing the secret word makes Pee-wee feel sick, so he decides to call it off. Magic Screen shows everyone a black-and-white film about a girl named Cindy. Cindy thinks she didn't get invited to her friend, Mary's party. She thought they didn't invite her because she might not know how to act or behave. Cindy's fairy godmother appears and helps her get ready for the party. She shows Cindy that you should be clean when you go to a party. Soon Cindy is off to Mary's party. Her friend, Dennis, thinks Cindy wasn't coming. But as soon as Cindy's fairy godmother appears, she shows everyone some important party rules. The rules include joining in the party games, no teasing other people, no playing rough, and no breaking things. Other ways to have fun at a party are remembering your manners, being polite, and basically having fun with your friends. Cowntess comes over, and Pee-wee greets her at the window. Cowntess has a movie for Pee-wee to watch. It is about a cowboy singing a western song. Today for snack time, Pee-wee and Miss Yvonne are making cheese balls. All you do is roll some graded cheese into a ball and cover it with nuts. Miss Yvonne asks Pee-wee if he washed his hands, and Pee-wee says "No." He is just kidding her though. After making the cheese balls, Pee-wee thinks they should cook them in the oven. Miss Yvonne says they don't have to cook them. All they have to do is just pop them in the fridge to chill. Miss Yvonne says now they wait a few hours for them to get cool, but Pee-wee says they don't have to. With help from Clocky, he speeds up the time. After taking the cheese balls out of the fridge, Pee-wee puts in tooth picks to hold them. Ricardo comes by and sees the cheese balls. He says they are "Delicioso." Pee-wee tells Ricardo to come in. Ricardo says he loves cheese balls, and Pee-wee says to him, "Why don't you mary one." Pee-wee asks Ricardo how you say "cheese balls" in Spanish. Cheese balls are called "bolas de queso." Pee-wee decides to eat a cheese ball now. They are cheese-y, ball-y, and nut-y. Pee-wee thinks the thing that would go great with cheese balls is a Penny cartoon. Miss Yvonne and Ricardo like the idea, and Ricardo tells Pee-wee to put one "on." In today's Penny cartoon, Penny talks about her crazy brother and sister. Later, we see Pee-wee making a mobile. A mobile is a decoration that moves in the air. First, you cut out some colored construction paper in funny shapes and punch out a hole "on" a corner of each shape with a hole-puncher. Next, you color a design with crayons "on" both sides of each shape. You can draw anything you wish. Now, cut out long pieces of yarn and tie each strand onto each shape with the yarn going through the hole. Then you tie the shapes to a coat hanger, and your mobile is finished. After Pee-wee finishes his mobile, he hangs it in the window so the breeze can blow the shapes around. The Flowers sing the arrival of the King of Cartoons. The King goes around the Playhouse greeting Pee-wee's friends by name and description. When he couldn't keep going "on" greeting, he starts the cartoon. Pee-wee tells the viewers to "get up!" It's time for Pee-wee aerobics! Pee-wee tells the viewers to be sure they have plenty of room around so they don't hit any furniture. Pee-wee begins by shaking himself all over. Now he stretches his hands way up over his head and back down to his sides. Now the next exercise is lifting up your legs, but first Pee-wee tells the viewers to get a chair to lean "on" so they don't lose their balance. Pee-wee raises his right leg above his head, putting his foot behind him. Then he raises his other leg above his head, crossing them both. "Ooh, pretzle-y," he says. Finally, he brings his legs down. Pee-wee has made a joke. He fooled the viewers with some phony Pee-wee legs. It is time to play with Magic Screen, and Pee-wee is set to play. For today's Connect-the-Dots game, Pee-wee's dots make a hang glider. Magic Screen reminds him to wear his safety helmet. Magic Screen tells Pee-wee to hang "on," and off he flies. Video images are seen in the background as Pee-wee hang glides. After a while, Pee-wee gets blown out to sea. Chairry catches Pee-wee, and tells him that he'll always have a friend to land "on." It is now time for Pee-wee to say "goodbye." Pee-wee sure had fun today, he wishes it could go "on," and "on," and "on."