Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 2 Episode 4

Pee-wee Catches a Cold

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 03, 1987 on CBS
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Pee-wee Catches a Cold
Today the secret word is "out," but Pee-wee is stuck in when he overdoes it and comes down with a cold! It's lovely Nurse Yvonne and ultra-health conscious Ricardo to the rescue with some good advice and chicken soup for their sick and cranky friend. In no time, Pee-wee's back to his old self again to join in the Playhouse fun.moreless

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  • A pretty good episode when Pee Wee catches a cold.

    This is a pretty good episode. Pee Wee can be so funny when he is sick because he gets cranky and explodes at Ricardo at one point. In this episode Pee Wee also plays with a few of his toys in his Playhouse like his giant under-pants. Ricardo then explained the four main food groups to Pee Wee and talked about a few other things to try and stay healthy. The secret word "out" in this episode is also used often.

    Overall, the story in the moral of this story made a very good point and taught good lessons about how to prevent from getting sick and staying healthy. Also, it isn't a bad thing that you will get a few laughs here and there in this episode.moreless
  • Ricardo gives great advice on how we can stay healthy.

    This episode from the Playhouse series gives excellent tips on what happens when we're sick, how we can take care of ourselves, and it also shows information on nutrition. I like the way Ricardo shows Pee-wee about the four food groups when the were in the kitchen. I hardly expected the food in the refrigerator to give important pointers on healthy eating when I first saw this episode. When I first saw it, I didn't believe that you'd yell at someone when you're sick. But I experienced that moment when I was sick once.

    Anyway, this is an episode I hope all doctors should recommend to watch.moreless
Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens

Pee-wee Herman

George McGrath

George McGrath

Fish, Flower, Globey, Pterri

Alison Mork

Alison Mork

Chairry, Magic Screen

Kevin Carlson (II)

Kevin Carlson (II)

Clockey, Conky, Floory, Knucklehead

Lynne Marie Stewart

Lynne Marie Stewart

Miss Yvonne

Ric Heitzman

Ric Heitzman

Fish, Flower, Mr. Window

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the part where Ricardo leaves the room to make Pee-wee's soup, he says, "Para que me mortifico? Vengo a verlo, le traigo sopa, y para que?" To translate, it means, "why am I being stunned? I come to see him, I bring him soup, and for what?"

    • The secret word is said and screamed at 12 times.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Miss Yvonne: You know, sometimes when we're sick, we're not as neat as we like to be. One time when I had the flu, I let my dirty dishes pile up clear to the ceiling.
      Pee-wee: What'd you do then?
      Miss Yvonne: I bought new dishes.
      Pee-wee: I love that story!

    • Ricardo: Hey, how 'bout something to eat, Pee-wee? I made some soup especially for you.
      (Pee-wee mumbles quietly)
      Ricardo: What?
      Pee-wee: I said YES!! YES! I'll have some soup! OKAY?!!
      Ricardo: Para que me mortifico? Vengo a verlo, le traigo sopa, y para que?

    • Ricardo: I brought some huge rubber bands for your rubber-band ball, Pee-wee. Shall I put 'em on for you?
      Pee-wee: Sure. Go ahead. I can't do anything, anyways. I'm sick! You know, sometimes when you're sick, you don't feel like putting rubber bands on your rubber-band ball. YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING AT ALL!!! (calmly) I'm awfully sorry, Ricardo. You see, sometimes when we're sick, we snap at people when we don't mean to. Our emotions are awfully close to the surface. You understand, don't you?
      Ricardo: Oh, sure, I do, Pee-wee.

    • Knucklehead: Knock, knock.
      Conky: Who's there?
      Knucklehead: Stan.
      Conky: Stan who?
      Knucklehead: Stan back. I'm gonna sneeze. Aa-choo!
      (Conky closes the door, and Knucklehead vanishes)

  • NOTES (2)