Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 10

Playhouse for Sale

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 10, 1990 on CBS

Episode Recap

Magic Screen shows the viewers a short film of some kids jumping rope. Pretty soon, Mr. Window announces that Miss Yvonne is coming. Miss Yvonne performs a dance for everyone in the Playhouse. Everybody cheers when she finishes her dance. Chairry asks Miss Yvonne, "Would you like to sit on me?" Miss Yvonne says she couldn't think of anyone she'd rather sit on. Some of Pee-wee's friends say "good morning" to Miss Yvonne. Pterri admires the beautiful dress Miss Yvonne is wearing. "It looks good from up here," Pterri says. Miss Yvonne replies, "I think there's a vulture in your family tree." Miss Yvonne wonders if Globey has seen Pee-wee today. "Have I seen Pee-wee what?" Globey says. Miss Yvonne tries asking Magic Screen if she's seen Pee-wee today, and Magic Screen says she hasn't. Conky, who has been activated earlier that morning, tells Miss Yvonne to ask him. Miss Yvonne asks Conky the same question: "Have you seen Pee-wee?" Conky replies, "Have I seen Pee-wee what?" Miss Yvonne thinks she has taken one too many trips to Puppetland. Conky is only teasing Miss Yvonne and tells her Pee-wee has left a message for her on tape. In the message, Pee-wee tells Miss Yvonne he is out looking for aluminum cans to collect for recycling. Pee-wee says he'll be back later, and asks Miss Yvonne to get today's secret word for him. Right after Pee-wee's message self-destructs, Miss Yvonne tells Conky to reveal the secret word. Today's secret word is, believe it or not, "word." Miss Yvonne tries the secret "word" out on Globey and Pterri. The Flowers call for Miss Yvonne to come to their box. There is a sign hanging in the window that says "For Sale." The Flowers think Pee-wee is going to sell them, but Miss Yvonne tells them the sign was in the window. Therefore, Miss Yvonne thinks Pee-wee is just selling the Playhouse. It gives Miss Yvonne a shock. She couldn't believe Pee-wee is selling the Playhouse. Miss Yvonne even looks very confused. She couldn't think of the "word" to describe that thought. Everyone in the Playhouse have shared many fun times. Magic Screen remembers the time when Reba came over for breakfast (see recap). Floory remembers the time when he was discovered while Pee-wee and his friends were redecorating the Playhouse (see recap). The Puppetland Band remembers the time when Pee-wee and his friends started a clothing drive (see recap). Miss Yvonne doesn't want to interupt the flashbacks, but she has just thought of something terrible. If Pee-wee sells the Playhouse, then there might not be a Puppetland. Thinking about that, Miss Yvonne sits on Chairry and begins to cry. "Don't worry, Miss Yvonne," Chairry says, "we'll think of something." While Miss Yvonne continues to cry, Globey says to Pterri, "We sure had fun in the Playhouse together. Didn't we?" Pterri agrees with Globey. Together they flashback on various times from previous episodes during the song, "The Way We Were." Randy remembers when he almost set the Playhouse on fire (see recap). Globey says that time was very scary. He remembers the time when Pterri ran away from the Playhouse (see recap). Everybody was so worried, even Pee-wee. Conky's favorite Playhouse memory is the pajama party Pee-wee and his friends had (see recap). It was when Pee-wee merried a bowl of fruit salad. Everyone is going to miss being at the Playhouse after Pee-wee sells it. Miss Yvonne wouldn't let Pee-wee sell his Playhouse at all! In fact, nor could his friends. When Pee-wee returns to the Playhouse, everybody starts talking to him all at once. Finally when Pee-wee couldn't understand a single "word" of they were saying, he asks what is going on. "We demand to know why you're selling the Playhouse!" Miss Yvonne says sternly. "What makes you say that?" asks Pee-wee. She shows him the "For Sale" sign. Pee-wee wonders where the other part of the sign is, and everyone is curious of what he means. Pee-wee goes outside to get it. The other half of the sign that was hanging in the window says "Lemonade." Everybody in the Playhouse is relieved. Pee-wee isn't selling is Playhouse at all, he was only trying to sell some lemonade. "Are you sure you're not selling the Playhouse?" Chairry asks. Pee-wee says he would never, ever sell the Playhouse for a ton of money. Everybody cheers. Miss Yvonne thanks Pee-wee for not selling the Playhouse, and she gives him a kiss. Pee-wee asks his friends if they would like some lemonade, and they say "yes." Pee-wee goes off to his scooter, and Miss Yvonne asks him where he's going. Pee-wee says he's going to get some lemons. Pee-wee tells everybody that the Playhouse will always be there for everyone to play in forever, and ever, and ever. And that's Pee-wee's final "word!"
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