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  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this TV series?
  • Kiddy Adult Show!

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  • Ah, truly a great show.

    Pee-wee's Playhouse is a classic as it's one of the only shows aimed at young children that most adults might also be able to enjoy. The show has an insane cast of characters. One of my favourites is the genie, Jambi. However no character can beat that of pop culture icon Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee is likely an adult but with a childlike personality and is played by Paul Reubens. Reuben's has appeared in quite a few of Tim Burton's films. These include Batman Returns, The Nightmare Before Christmas and of course Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Another notable thing about this show is that Rob Zombie, who is now a heavy metal musician and filmmaker, was a production assistant of this show.
  • Peewee is a teacher and a character!

    He is multi talented and hilarious. A must for children.
  • Pee Wee's Playhouse - the solution for kids who have yet to "break out of their shell"

    Phew, so much to review! First off, Pee Wee Herman is probably one of the biggest influences on my humor. So as a young adult, I love watching the Playhouse episodes. I immediately go back to that period where life literally revolved around recess time and popsicles. As a child, I totally embraced the craziness of Pee Wee - the word of the day, randomn dance party, ice cream soup, connect the dots (la-la-la), giant underwear. The show had come and gone by my childhood, but for some reason, I could not get enough of it. Even my parents thought it was weird and didn't know why I loved it so much. Haha, I even had a Pee Wee Herman doll with a pulley-string in the back that made him speak. For me at least, it totally captures a simpler time in my life where screaming at the tv was the funnest thing ever!
  • This show is my only reason to keep on living.

    You know what, I don't care WHAT Pee Wee Herman did. This show is amazing and should have never been canceled.
    First of all, the humor is incredible.
    Second of all, it's so creative! The setting, characters and plot are amazing!
    I could watch this show for hours on end without getting tired of it.
    And NO, I AM NOT JOKING. This review is completely serious. I am completely serious.
    Oh, not to mention, they taught me how to make FRUIT CUBES! Hello!? How would I go on living WITHOUT knowing how to make fruit cubes!
    So, in conclusion, out of 10, I rate this show a 12.
  • Hey,Jombi!

    It's fair to me.It's crazier than CrashBox.It's really a good show.Even with that ice cream soup.It's based on that crazy Pee-Wee dude.It's not really bad for a dude like me.That's the secret word of the day.Dude.It's really better than that disturbing The PJs or Any boring classic show.It's not better than Family Matters.I have got to say 2 words:Hey,Jombi!It's not even putted on that Adult Swim anymore.How could you do that,Adult Swim?At least it was a classic show to be made.Now I can now grade this show a C because it was crazier and the craziest show ever made and it's better than that scary Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
  • Entertainment at its oddest.

    When I was a kid, I remember watching this show on video and on television. Even as a kid, I couldn't understand what was wrong with Pee-Wee. It was just like he was overly happy and needed to be calmed down. His friends were very entertaining. I liked ho they all interacted with one another. It was also very fun to watch the special guests come over for a visit. The things I didn't like was the nonsense the show said when it came to the words. I get that it is entertainment, but it isn't educational at all. Overall, a decent show. Thank you.
  • This show can really make you laugh out loud! This is a must-watch show for all comedy fans to view. It's one of my favorites

    I first saw Pee-wee's Playhouse on TV when I was in high school. When it repremeered in reruns on Fox Family (which is now ABC Family), I began to get into the program. I screamed at the secret word in every single episode. When I found out that the entire series came out on DVD in 2004, I just had to see it all! There were some episodes I have never seen before until after I watched them. Pee-wee Herman, Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, and the rest of the playhouse characters are all terrific and the shows are outrageous. I even liked watching his Christmas Special. So, if you want laughs in your life, Pee-wee Herman is the guy for you. Stop waiting, start screaming, and you'll have a Pee-wee-rific time!
  • I loved this show when i was a kid :D

    This show still comes on adult swim and i don't hesitate to watch it. I loved this show as a kid and as an adult wheeee! I still got some kid in me though XD This show was kind of perverted but also really fun, I loved the colors and peewee's voice when he sang "connect the dots, la la la la, connect the dots, la la la la" goddess its stuck in my head XD Anyway, you should watch this show if you remember it, i wouldn't suggest showing it to kids for its little tidbits of naughtiness lol. I do suggest watching the peewee movies though they were pretty funny. All in all, a great show for anyone who's a little wacky and likes claymation and craziness XD
  • Very funny for all ages

    This show is great. It's pretty old I mean my mom watched this show. But I mean people from Kindergarten to High school would love this show because it has humor for children and even some adult humor. I always love Cowboy Curtis cause he is really cool and funny. Some episodes are sad like Puppy in the Playhouse but other episodes like Now you see me now you don't is funny because he makes Mrs. Renee sit on chocolate cake and he looks up Miss Yvonne's skirt. I was really excited when I found out that there will be a Pee-wee's playhouse movie cause a show this great will be 10 times better on the big screen.
    Overall great show never grows old
  • Another stupid show

    So many shows on Disney that I dislike and this is one of them. Pee-wee's Playhouse stars Pee-wee Herman (played by Paul Reubens, voice of Lock in The Nightmare Before Christmas) and a crazy cast of characters from all over Puppetland. Each episode usually teaches a lesson to the viewer such has how to stay healthy or how to make friends. Pee-wee's Playhouse is aimed at children but can be enjoyed by all ages with its great sense of humor. For example, each episode has a secret word. Whenever anyone says the secret word, everyone screams as loud as they can.
  • I love this show

    I love this show.

    It one of my favorite shows I used to watch it all the time when I was little. To me it is so cool that they would put it on Adult Swim. To me I was surprised but hey the show is funny so who cares if it is a kids show. People of all ages like to watch it because it fun. I think it is so funny when they scream when someones says the word of the day. I think it is a timeless classic that anyone can enjoy. That is why I like it so much.
  • Well..its okay..

    I only watch it at times because i either have nothing else to watch, or well...i am totally and ubberly bored.

    Thier isnt much humor..just talking..objects.


    But at times it is

    odd, weird, a bit dumb, but cool.

    I dont even make sense now do i?

    Yea i didnt think so, well what i can say is that it brings entertain ment to many. not to me, but to many,
  • This show is awesome!

    I have to say, even though I'm 15, this show is still entertaining to me! I love watching Pee-Wee's! Not many shows these days have the childishness like Pee-Wee's! Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee) cracks me up! And there are also jokes for older people planted in the script. I have to say one thing though, season one was the best. The other seasons could not compare to the amazingness of the first season. But then again, what happened to Dixie, Mrs. Steve, Cpt. Carl, and Tito? Instead they have some stupid spanish guy that insists on not speaking english (which in my opinion he should...)
  • A good show, but it really needs a new home...

    I first entered the PlayHouse when I was asked to Record an Episode for my Little Brother. The thing about my Little Brother? He's 2. So, what the heck is this Show doing on Adult Swim? I've watched this show on several occasions and it's not "Adult" in any way. This is much like the stunt pulled with Saved by the Bell which as I understood was an attempt to bring some viewers back to their younger days, but it was only on for 2 weeks. Pee-Wee's overstayed his Welcome. It's a good Kids Show sure, but as they say "All Kids out of the Pool!"
  • Ok,I believe they should air Pee-wee's Playhouse around 7:00am or 8:00am. So the kids can have something entertaining to watch. Every time Pee-Wee's Playhouse comes on around 11:00pm or 1200pm, I just change the channel.

    Ok,I believe they should air Pee-wee's Playhouse around 7:00am or 8:00am. So the kids can have something entertaining to watch. Every time Pee-Wee's Playhouse comes on around 11:00pm or 1200pm, I just change the channel. I don't know why, they would want to show pee-wee's playhouse at "night". It was originally aired on Saturday mornings for the kids to have something to watch, while they were at home rather than school. They should either put another episode of Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Robot Chicken in that slot and put Pee-wee's Playhouse on a Saturday morning slot or not show Pee-wee's Playhouse at all.
  • good

    this is a pretty good tv show i like it but its for little kids and stuff so its nothing too great but its funny and i laugh and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aits awesome lol it rocks watch this show if you want but is it kinda for little kids and stuff so please dont complain to me if yuoiu dont like iy ;olol cxause i oike it alot i love it go pwwwe eee plays hous! charry rocks my socks lol yeah go jambni sd
  • Very funny show. I like it.

    I like the show mainly because it is hilarious. I think Pee-Wee is the funniest character in the show. My favorite character besides Pee-Wee is Magic Screen. I like watching the connect-the-dots part of the show. I think that they put it on adult swim not to make fun of it but to entertain younger viewers who aren't supposed to be watching adult swim anyway (That's me) and adults because it is funny. My least favorite characters are Randy and Miss Yvonne. I dislike Randy because he is mean and he looks scary. I sometimes wish I could just rip his stupid little puppet head off and burn it. And I dislike Miss Yvonne because she thinks she's hot. (she's not!)
  • I don\'t think people really get why this is on Adult Swim. But I\'m pretty sure it\'s not \"to make fun of it\", but more because of the viewers' ages.

    Adults Swim has recently started showing Pee Wee\'s Playhouse on it at 11pm or (since they changed it), at midnight. Of course, nobody expects children to stay up and watch this. So people wonder, why did they air it in the first place? I don\'t know definitely, but I\'m pretty sure they air it BECAUSE it\'s Adult Swim- No, I don\'t mean what Pee Wee did, I mean that most people who watch this lineup are in their twenties or teens. Many of these people grew up watching Pee Wee\'s Playhouse, and to air it brings back memories to these people and makes them want to watch, even if just to relive those memories. It\'s the same reason they put Saved By the Bell on a few months ago- these people watched it when they were growing up. Did anyone wonder why they aired that too? These two shows are from the same era, an era that most viewers have been through and have enjoyed.
  • No offense anyone, but i think this is a load of crap. What kid stays up till 11:00PM, im talking about 4-8 year olds...

    What kid stays up till 11:00PM, im talking about the general child audience...
    Then theres the matter of it being on adult swim as mentioned earlier. They must be running low on money, they must have paid alot to get that aired on adult swim... Even G-Rated cartoons would be better at that point...
    I fail to see whats funny or appealing in this, only someone who\'s really bored would watch this...

    They all look like ppl that woke up at 3 in the morning after having coffee and cocaine...
  • "Why they put this in adult swim."

    ok people ill tell u why well i dont know excalty why but i think i know anyway they proabably put this here in adult swim kinda to make fun of it so like in a family guy ep peter bought the pee wee playhouse set lol instead of giving to charity lol. anyway id rate 9.5 its funny how he talks and everything but ill take out .5 for creeping me out lol. Also can anyone tell me how to change my icon its creeping me out and also im a male not female i made a mistake. lol lol.
  • Good blend of childish, and adult subliminal humor.

    This show is appealing in several ways. First, I used to watch this show when I was a kid, and seeing it now is very nostalgic. Second, it has childish humor that seems to not make sense, but is funny none the less. Finally, now that I'm older, I can also pick out subliminal adult humor. How the charactors talk and act, and the things they say at times, can have drug-related and sexual humor. I mean, just watch the show. It's a mixture of crack and lsd. The subliminal humor makes it funnier to me now, but the childish humor still has a lasting appeal.
  • A guy in a cool house runs around showing you cool things.

    Wow this is a cool show! I love this show for one reason! It is so origional! I mean I love everything it it! I love all the different people who stop by and all the cute little cartoons they show, like the penny show (thats my most fav!) or the cartoons king's shows (those are the best!) They are all just so cool! I love all the little things that the house has too! Like the genni in the box guy! I love the song he sings! And the chair and robot are the best! Not to mention I love the day's word! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  • They call this adult swim material?

    I mean come on it is a pot head show. It shouldnt be on adult swim. It is one of the stupidest shows I have ever seen in my whole entire life. The show should be rated TV Y not TV PG. It is should also be like in nick jr or somthing. Adult swim is taking alot of pot. That show is sooooooooooooooooo stupid I mean (in stupid way) \"When I am scared I hold hands with all my special friends) Adult swim really needs to think twice about what shows they put on because they are really losing it.
  • Pee-Wee's Playhouse is a great show that anyone can enjoy, no matter what age.

    Pee-Wee's Playhouse is actually a little kid's show, but a lot of older kids and adults ended up liking it, including me. Something about the show keeps me wanting more. It's too bad the show had to end. The show has Pee-Wee Herman in his house as he deals with problems alongside his friends. The best part is the secret word for each episode.
  • Paul Reubens (a.k.a Pee Wee Herman) created perhaps one of the greatest kid's shows of all time. Imagine Mr. Rogers with a energetic candy consuming persona and you got Pee Wee Herman. In this imaganitive show, it is great for both kid's and adults.

    Paul Reubens was a genius. Pee Wee Herman is alter-ego and it made him a huge star. Pee Wee Herman is an intriguing middle aged man who acts like an innocent, energetic, and fun-loving kid. In this playhouse you have lot's of fun loving characters like Jombie the Magician, Chairry, Penny, Randy, Mrs. Yvonne, Cowboy Curtis and bunch of other characters, Reubens had made an entertaining program for both kid's and adults. That's what I miss most of this show, nowadays kid's programming has gone completely down to the toilet, it's become more about learning a lesson rather then having fun. As a kid, learning a lesson is so boring and that's why I can never really watch re-runs of Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, or Barney without getting bored or flipping the channel. Pee Wee is different he brought a high level of energy that makes his program a viewer's favorite. Great show! Happy to see it back on again on Adult Swim.
  • This was the cornerstone of my Saturday monrnings as a grade-schooler

    Every Saturday morning, from 1986 to around 1991, my Saturday monrning ritual was as follows:
    1. Turn on CBS
    2. Pour a bowl of processed-sugar-loaded cereal (usually Lucky Charms or Cocoas Puffs)
    3. Watch "Muppet Babies," "Garfield and Friends," and "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."

    This show was the best Saturday-morning kids' show EVER! Nothing can top it. Now as an adult, I'm revisiting it, catching the stuff I missed 20 years ago, noting any double-entendres or innuendo, and simply reliving my childhood. It reminds me so much of growing up in the 1980s and I still have fond memories of those lost, innocent Saturday mornings.
  • Great show, scared the crap outta me.

    To be honest, I have no idea why I watched Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Maybe because it was such a highly interesting and hilarious show, but it terrified me like nothing I've ever known.

    When I was a young boy I often had a re-occuring nightmare that Pee-Wee Hermans mouth would grow to enormous sizes and he would eat me alive. Despite the traumitizing dreams I religously watched the show.

    Now, with it being re-aired on Adult Swim, I thought I could handle watching it. I was wrong. In between my sobs of pure terror though I realized I was laughing my ass off.

    So if your alright with grown men wearing gray suits and honking voices, you should have no issues with the show. Personally though, I'd rather be trapped on a deserted island with a masturbation addicted Paul Reubens then Pee-Wee Herman.
  • Classic & influential show.

    I am so glad that adult swim brought back this awesome show.
    It is so different from the average childrens show. Theres things for many age groups. Adults like it for its comedy. Kids like it because they can kind of relate to Pee-wee. He is basically a child at heart. He just dosen\'t look like one. This show brings back many memories for me. Like the word of the day. When they said the word of the day I screamed. When King cartoon came out I yelled \"OMG\". I know I sound like a dummy right now but oh well. Who knows what other shows were infulenced by this show?