Pee-Wee's Playhouse

CBS (ended 1991)





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  • I don\'t think people really get why this is on Adult Swim. But I\'m pretty sure it\'s not \"to make fun of it\", but more because of the viewers' ages.

    Adults Swim has recently started showing Pee Wee\'s Playhouse on it at 11pm or (since they changed it), at midnight. Of course, nobody expects children to stay up and watch this. So people wonder, why did they air it in the first place? I don\'t know definitely, but I\'m pretty sure they air it BECAUSE it\'s Adult Swim- No, I don\'t mean what Pee Wee did, I mean that most people who watch this lineup are in their twenties or teens. Many of these people grew up watching Pee Wee\'s Playhouse, and to air it brings back memories to these people and makes them want to watch, even if just to relive those memories. It\'s the same reason they put Saved By the Bell on a few months ago- these people watched it when they were growing up. Did anyone wonder why they aired that too? These two shows are from the same era, an era that most viewers have been through and have enjoyed.