Pee-Wee's Playhouse - Season 2

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Pajama Party
    Episode 10

    Guess who's having a pajama-party sleepover? That's right, it's Pee-wee along with his hostess, "the most beautiful woman in Puppetland," Miss Yvonne! Jambi's got a head for pajama fashion when he gives Cowboy Curtis a Wild-West pair of P.J.s! Wacky Roger, the Monster, keeps an eye on things as Pee-wee decides that, since he loves his fruit salad so much, he's going to marry it! "Watch" for the secret word!

  • 11/7/87

    Aaaaugh! The secret word is "zyzzybalubah," and that can only mean one thing! The entire Playhouse, including Reba, is sucked into space, transported to a strange planet, and taken over by an odd, lonely alien! Yvona, an alien from the planet, is trying to escape the unfriendly Zyzzybalubah, but Pee-wee teaches him how to be polite and make friends. Reba teaches Pee-wee how to whistle, and she sings a song.

  • Spring
    Episode 8

    As the Spring season comes to "begin," Pee-wee plants a seed, and it grows quickly (courtesy of Clockey). Also, the King of Cartoons presents his wife, "The Queen of Cartoons," and his son, "The Prince of Cartoons." And when Pee-wee doesn't make the baseball team, Ricardo shows him that there are other kinds of sports he can try.

  • School
    Episode 7

    Learning is "easy" when your teacher makes it fun. No one can make it more fun than Pee-wee, especially when he turns the Playhouse into a schoolhouse! The Playhouse Gang are his students, Magic Screen is his blackboard, and Globey is, well, his globe. Pee-wee makes history exciting when he teaches about Christopher Columbus and the Declaration of Independence. Sit back, laugh, and learn!

  • Tons of Fun
    Episode 6

    Today, Pee-wee gives everybody "That Certain Feeling" by lip-synching to one of his old records. Later, while Pee-wee is out with the Playhouse Gang, Cowboy Curtis comes over and sings to the flowers, and Miss Yvonne does a wild clog dance. Tensions mount when the gang ends up with two "cool" ice cream desserts, and they have to choose which to eat. Of course, they could just eat them both!

  • 10/10/87

    Nothing bugs Pee-wee's flowers more than having a caterpillar in their flower box until Magic Screen shows how a caterpillar can turn itself into a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar's not the only uninvited creature around when Cowntess has a birthday party and invites practically "all" of Puppetland except Pee-wee! Is she mad at him or just being moody?

  • 10/3/87

    Today the secret word is "out," but Pee-wee is stuck in when he overdoes it and comes down with a cold! It's lovely Nurse Yvonne and ultra-health conscious Ricardo to the rescue with some good advice and chicken soup for their sick and cranky friend. In no time, Pee-wee's back to his old self again to join in the Playhouse fun.

  • Store
    Episode 3

    Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis take a leap into Magic Screen where they enjoy some mighty fine handcart ridin' until a train chases them back into the waiting arms of Chairry! Then, Cowboy Curtis sings a song with "more" of the secret word in it than you could scream at. Finally, Cowboy Curtis and Miss Yvonne go shopping at Pee-wee's "department store" where they decide to buy Chairry!

  • 9/19/87

    Cowntess, just back from a world cruise, is showing some of her home movies from the trip. Globey teaches Pee-wee how to say "hello, my name is Pee-wee" in French and Chinese! When a lost puppy appears at the Playhouse door, no one can figure out who the owner is. Pee-wee develops a strong case of puppy love and decides to keep him and name him Aloysius. However, Reba comes "over," and it's obvious just whose dog it is.

  • Open House
    Episode 1

    Today in the "Playhouse," Pee-wee tricks his friends into doing all of his chores by pretending that work is fun. The gang meets some new friends while renovating the "house." Reba arrives in time to deliver Clocky while the Playhouse gang uncovers Floory and meets Mrs. Rene for the first time.

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