Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Season 5 Episode 9

Something to Do

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 03, 1990 on CBS

Episode Recap

The day at the Playhouse begins with Pee-wee singing his "Your Name is ..." song. Soon after, Pee-wee decides to play with Magic Screen. In today's Connect-the-Dots game, Pee-wee only has two dots. "What can you make out of two crumby dots?" Pee-wee asks. Magic Screen has an idea. As Pee-wee sings "Connect the crumby dots," both dots make something all right: a skateboard. Pee-wee begins to take off, but Magic Screen reminds him about wearing his safety gear. At last, Pee-wee boogies off on the skateboard as video images are played in the background. Soon, Pee-wee rolls off course and Chairry catches him. The Puppetland band asks Pee-wee what today's secret word is. Talking in rhyme, Pee-wee tells the band he will ask Conky. After activating him, Pee-wee asks Conky for the secret word: "do." Pee-wee tries it out on Pterri.

Now that the secret word is practiced, Pee-wee asks Pterri what they can "do." Pterri doesn't know, so he asks Pee-wee what he'd like to "do." They keep asking each other what they want to "do" until Pee-wee finally says, "I wish I know." Jambi appears, and Pee-wee tells him he doesn't know what he wants to "do." With help from Jambi, something appears in Pee-wee's hands. His friends want to know what it is, and Pee-wee says it is a list of things to "do." Pee-wee looks at his list and tells the viewers, "If you don't have a genie at your house, you can make your own list." Another option is to follow along with Pee-wee while he does the things on his list. The first thing to "do" on Pee-wee's list is draw a picture. Pee-wee gets himself some paper and a pencil. He looks around the Playhouse thinking about what he can draw. When Pee-wee sees himself in the mirror, he gets an idea. He can draw a picture of himself. Pee-wee starts by drawing one of his eyes, then he draws the other eye. When he draws his nose, he draws it too big. Pee-wee erases it and draws his nose again. Pee-wee then draws his mouth, his head, his hair, his ears, and his bow tie. Pee-wee has drawn a self-portrait of himself! Pee-wee goes to put his picture on the refrigerator. The next thing on Pee-wee's list is blow up a balloon. Pee-wee blows up an orange balloon bigger, and bigger, and bigger. When Pee-wee has blown up the balloon big enough, he makes strange noises with it. Some of the balloon noises makes his dog Roosevelt bark. Finally, Pee-wee deflates his balloon. Next on the list is get dressed up. Pee-wee dresses himself up as a pirate. Next on the list, we listen to a musical guest performing a French song.

Everyone wants to know what's next on Pee-wee's list. When Pee-wee looks at the next objective on his list, he thinks it can't be right. The next thing for Pee-wee to "do" is clean up his room. He wants to skip it, but his friends talk him into cleaning his room anyway. One good reason why Pee-wee should clean his room is in case someone comes over. When Mr. Window tells everyone Miss Yvonne is coming, Pee-wee rushes off and cleans his room in a flash. Pee-wee opens the door for Miss Yvonne after cleaning. Miss Yvonne usually has days filled with excitement and romance, but today she has nothing to "do." Pee-wee tells Miss Yvonne the next thing on his list is to take a walk. Miss Yvonne begs Pee-wee nicely if he can take a walk with her, and Pee-wee accepts it. They walk around the Playhouse and stop to look at the Flowers. Miss Yvonne says that the Flowers are beautiful. Soon, Miss Yvonne, Pee-wee, and the Flowers are lip-synching to a song, "By a Waterfall." The Fish love singing too. As they continue walking, Miss Yvonne sees a horse to ride on. It is really Pee-wee's mechanical horse. Pee-wee gives Miss Yvonne a boost up on it. Pee-wee turns on his horse at a slow pace, then he speeds it up faster until Miss Yvonne gets a little shook up. Pee-wee stops the horse and asks Miss Yvonne if she's all right. Miss Yvonne says she is OK, and Pee-wee asks if she wants to watch a cartoon with him. Miss Yvonne says she needs to go home and fix her hair. Clocky imitates the sound of a bell and tells Pee-wee time is up for today. Good thing too, because Pee-wee has just finished everything on his list. As Pee-wee leaves, he tells everyone to stay happy no matter what they "do."
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