Peep and the Big Wide World

Weekdays 7:00 AM on PBS Premiered Oct 01, 2004 In Season


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  • This show was (or has been) part of my childhood

    That show was great nonetheless. Very cute, sweet and likable. I love the main characters: Peep, Chirp and Quack. Tom (the show's primary villain) is also cool too. Anyways, I love the show, the characters are cute and the storylines are nice & clever. This show has been part of my childhood and I still loved it.
  • I love this show!

    This is a cute and funny show! My favorite character is Quack!
    The episode where Quack eats too many nuts remind me of the beer song! Here is the peep version that I made up!
    Oh... what is the malted liquor?
    What gets you happy quicker?
    What comes in bottles or in cans? Milk!
    Can't get enough of it Milk!
    How we really love it Milk! Makes me think I'm a man Milk!
    I could kiss and hug it Milk!
    But I really love it! Milk!
    Got my belly up to here milk!
    I could not refuse Milk!
    I could really use milk,milk milk!
    The most wonderful drink,horray!
    I really love this!
  • An adorable little show with intelligent writing.

    I discovered this show through my baby sister, who is all of 2 months old. She's too young to understand the dialog, but the simplistic character designs and the bright colors entertain her. She especially loves Quack.

    That said, as an adult I also love this show. The animation is simple, without being lazy. The style is cute and affective and the vibrant colors make this perfect for small children. Additionally, for children old enough to understand the dialog, they should identify with the small characters and their want to discover the 'big wide world'. It's really adorable and the writing is very smart for something written for preschoolers. They could've easily had dry characters and dialog, but they don't and I myself laugh at some of the jokes (that children likely wouldn't get). The characters are unique enough to provide different opinions and situations in the episodes, and the pace is just perfect - not too fast but not a snail's pace like most preschoolers shows. Anyway, this show is adorable and can be equally appreciated by young children and adults, as long as you remember that it is intended for kids so the plots do contain lessons or morals most of the time. Luckily, these are never preachy nor condescending, making it all the more enjoyable.

    As a side note, the Paz cartoon that accompanies it is also adorable and has a similar simple style that will appeal to young children. The show also has live action segments featuring children doing some sort of activity, then encouraging the viewer to go out and do the same. This is likely good for kids, but I find these segments to be boring.
  • The cutest show out there!

    This show is so cute I can't believe it! Quack the duck is so funny he doesn't even look like a duck, but that's what makes him SO CUTE!!! Peep the baby chicken is such a little, cute, pudgy...thing! I like how Chirp the robin is the smartest, but still adorable. I watch it as much as I can. I learn thing I already know, it's funny to watch baby birds learn about the park they live in. I would recamend this show for anyone who like baby shows and cute things. I've actually learned a thing or two from this show.
  • This Show is stupid!

    This show is stupid they should cancel this show it's about a chick and his friends who have no common sence at all and it's like Hello how's your day kinda like that crap. Oh crud I need 12 more words um this show is stupid this show is stupid this show is stupid.
  • This is a show for children. It is a cartoon about a chick (peep) and his friends quack and chirp. Each episode, they go on different adventures and learn different things. It is narrated by Joan Cusak.

    I love this show. Even though it is for children, and I'm in high school, I still love it. I watch it every moring I can, before I go to school. It constantly makes me laugh and has a clean humor that goes over the kids' heads to appeal to adults. The characters are amazing and their personalities are all very well developed. I love the animation. Despite it's simplicity at first-glance, it is very detailed. The movement of the characters, though limited, is genius.
  • Although Peep is a show meant for small children, the humor is definately for everyone.

    There are shows meant specifically for little kids, such as Blues Clues or Barney. Then, there are shows for the tykes with humor for the elderly crowd, like Sesame Street. Finally, there's Peep and the Big Wide World, with comedy for everyone. Each of the main characters has unique personalities: Quack (the duck) is often full of himself and constantly on an ego trip. Chirp (the bird) is usually the voice of reason, and Peep (the chicken) is always ready to explore and learn new things. Combined, they make a hilarious trio. I was laughing, and I'm nearly 20!