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Peep Show Submission Guidelines

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    Welcome to the Peep Show! It's a little different than you may have expected...

    As the current editor of this show, I love when other fans contribute, but sometimes new or infrequent users might not understand what I consider to be a substantial submission. Since it differs from editor to editor here at, I thought it might be helpful to lay out what I like to see!

    1. Allusions: An allusion is a reference (director or passing, though preferably the whole thing is not spelled out) to an existing piece of media - film, television, book, etc. Please briefly explain the original source when you submit here. Example: If Mark mentions a World War II film, please briefly explain the film to which he is referring, as well as citing when the reference occurs in the episode.

    2. Trivia: This is something a viewer might not have noticed the first time around, or something a viewer might not know about the episode. Repeated occurrences are not always noteworthy, though first and last times might be relevant. Example: Mentioning that an episode marks the first appearance of Big Suze is okay, but always noting when she appears is unnecessary and a bit tedious.

    3. Notes: This category deals with off-camera or production events, as well as music. Please do not list everything mentioned in DVD commentaries; instead, pick the most interesting parts and submit those portions only.

    4. Quotes: These should stand on their own. If a lot of context or explanation is required, do not submit it.

    5. Sources: If you submit a new episode to the show, provide a source OTHER THAN IMDB OR WIKIPEDIA. For Allusions, Notes, Quotes, and Trivia, please provide a timecode so that I can find the reference in the episode.

    6. READ CAREFULLY: If it's already in the guide, do not re-submit it. A correction to a submission needs to be explained thoroughly, so that I know what you have fixed.

    You can find the submission rules highlighted in the Forums tab if you need further information.

    Thanks so much, and Happy Viewing!


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