Peep Show

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2003 on Channel 4



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    • Jeremy: Ray's such a nice guy; what a shame everything he believes is total rubbish.

    • Mark: First fuck is damage limitation. In, out, as much pleasure as I can give her, apologise and move on.

    • Jeremy: I am gonna feel so soon as this is over.

    • Sophie: Sometimes, we're so wrapped up in the nonsense of life.
      Mark: Right, yeah. Yeah, if I want an xbox why don't I just get an xbox.

    • Jeremy: I know Liz, there's no proof of Jesus, but then there's no proof for lots of things, like science and the stock market, and we believe in them.

    • Jeremy: (Thinking) I can't believe she would be this heartless to someone who's upset as I say I am.

    • Mark: (Thinking) If he hangs himself over this I can stick an orange in his mouth and call it a fatal wanking accident.

    • Jeremy: Look, what I'm trying to say is that if I was dying and I decided that even though I'd never particularly been into, say, Enya before but that now I really, really was into Enya and that in fact, I thought Enya was great and that Enya died for our sins and I wanted an Enya-themed funeral with pictures of Enya and lots and lots of mentions of Enya, then I think it would be a bit bloody rich for my sister to ban all mention of Enya from my funeral.

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