Peep Show

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Channel 4

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  • Wish it was on in the US

    Mark and Jez are a perfect comic duo, and anyone who's ever had a roommate knows how hard it is to get along and be friends, especially after many years or being together. Moreso, the ideas of attending a high school reunion and misunderstanding a job description can be nightmares that most of us can relate too. I love how the show takes them to extremes.

    I hate the fact that this show is too graphic to be on BBC America. It's a great example of British sitcom genius. I wish there were more shows like it here. Fortunately, you can find the new episodes online.
  • Mark contemplates cheating on Sophie while she's away, while Jez becomes a 'handy' man!

    Seriously, this episode was one of the best Peep Show episodes I've ever seen. Season four has been absolutely fantastic in terms of quality writing - every episode is packed with those kind of moments which shouldn't be funny but are, such as:

    Mark: "What am I doing? This isn't me! I can't have an affair. I'm not French. I'm the least French person on the planet. My favourite cheeses are Cheddar and Red Leicester."

    As Jez meets one of his heroes, he finds out that being a handyman does actually entail, this time, giving somebody an actual hand... well, you get it. I've never laughed more than when I was watching this episode. I can't wait for the next! Peep show deserves to go on for a long, long time.
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