Peep Show

Season 6 Episode 1

Jeremy at JLB

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2009 on Channel 4



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    • (When the fire alarm goes off at JLB)
      Jeremy: ..what's?
      Mark: Fire alarm.
      Jeremy: Oh god, look at you. Frightened little mouse.
      Mark: It's a fire alarm Jeremy!
      Jeremy: Oh yeah, right, like there's a fire! There's never a fire, Mark, it just doesn't happen! I mean, maybe in a film, but...
      Mark: So what? There's never been a fire, anywhere?
      Jeremy: Not in an office, in England. God, you're pathetic! Ooh, fire! Please don't burn me or my posessions! I'm so important and flammable!
      Mark: Is this a test?
      Fire Safety Officer: No, not a test.
      Jeremy: Come on, Mark! Fucking hell, get your elbows in! It's all gone backdraft!

    • Mark: OK. Keys, change, wallet, phone. OK.
      Jeremy: Jesus.. You are something else.
      Mark: Thank you very much.
      Jeremy: (thinking)He took the insult as a compliment. Shit! He could become invulnerable!

    • Super Hans: You should get a van, Jez. With a van, it's like you've got an MBA, but you've also got a fucking van. You're not just a man anymore - you're a man with a van. You get a van, Jez, and we could be men with ven.

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