Peep Show

Friday 10:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 19, 2003 In Season


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  • Best British Comedy of the decade

    Peep Show follows the often sexually-frustrated lives of two men in their late twenties, Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb). Having met while at the fictional Dartmouth University together (they occasionally refer to themselves as 'The El Dude Brothers' in reference to their student days), they now share a flat in Croydon, south London.
    Mark is a loan manager and the more financially successful of the two, but is extremely uncomfortable socially and pessimistic about nearly everything. Jeremy, who at the start of the first episode has recently split up with his girlfriend 'Big Suze', now rents Mark's spare room. He usually has a much more optimistic and energetic outlook on the world than Mark, yet his talent as a musician is yet to be recognised, and he is not as socially popular or sexually attractive as he would like to think.
    this is a great modern british comedy but i think its about time they stop the show soon after the fifth series it is just too much, I do love this show though it has some great characters.