Peep Show - Season 5

Friday 10:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 19, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Mark's Women
    Episode 6
    Dobby is the latest woman who Mark thinks might just be 'the one'. After all, he and Sophie have just had their marriage annulled. Sophie is pregnant, but is Mark the Father? Jeremy joins a cult.
  • Jeremy's Manager
    Episode 5
    Jeremy and SuperHans get a manager named Cally who gets promises them a slot to play at a festival..... a Christian festival. Cally begins sleeping with Mark and giving him 'sex lessons' but he is less impressed when he tells her that he has to fire Jeremy from the band as she wants to push SuperHans career. Thinking she could be 'the one' Mark has to chose between her and Jeremy.moreless
  • Jeremy's Mummy
    Episode 4
    There's good news and bad news for Jeremy: the good news is Great Aunt Gwen is dead, the bad news is he's not getting the inheritance he was promised. Worse still, he doesn't like his mum's new boyfriend. There's good new news and bad news for Mark, too: the good news is he does like Jeremy's mum's new boyfriend, the bad news is he has an orgasm against his will.moreless
  • Jeremy's Broke
    Episode 3
    Mark's birthday draws ever near and what he would really like is a girlfriend, so he tries speed dating, with less than perfect results. Jeremy finally runs out of money, but fortunately, manages to 'borrow' Johnson's credit card.
  • Spin War
    Episode 2
    Mark and Sophie return to work after their non-existent honeymoon and Mark tries to deflect the inevitable bad PR attached to being a jilter. Meanwhile Jeremy and Super Hans's band play their first gig.
  • Burgling
    Episode 1
    Mark rediscovers single life after his disastrous wedding to Sophie and he and Jeremy become victims of crime.