Peep Show

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Channel 4



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    • Mark: Great. Okay, so I've 'dumped' my sister. That's great. That feels good. I'm intrigued to see what I'm gonna do next. Maybe I'll ring up Grandad, and tell him I think he's a boring twat.

    • Jex: How can Mark be in love with Big Suze? It's like Swaziland trying to invade China - it's a bloody political joke.

    • Mark: Looking at Porn is like lying to Parliament: it used to be wrong but now it's all a big laugh.

    • Big Suze: Hey, Mark. Sorry, but I think I might have deleted your e-mail address book.
      Mark: Oh that's fine, don't worry.
      Jeremy: You are in love with her!
      Mark: What? No I'm not!
      Mark: Yes you bloody are! You practically crucified me the day I changed your home page!

    • Jeremy: (in thought) She's Mark, I've basically got my penis in Mark!!

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