Peep Show

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 18, 2007 on Channel 4



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    • Jeremy: You OK?
      Mark: Yeah, yeah, fine. Bit of a wobble. I just proposed to a woman in a coffee shop and tried to get myself run over.
      Jeremy: OK. Right. That is maybe a sign that everything isn't totally groovy.

    • Mark: That's it. I'm alone. Tomorrow morning I'll wake up in my bed alone. Unless... I hire a prostitute. Just for the night. Kind of like a wedding present.

    • Mark: That's it. I've ruined my life! You only get one life and I've ruined mine!

    • Mark: I'm not marrying out of spite, I'm marrying out of fear. There's a very big difference.

    • Jeremy: Did you slink off to bed before we did the melon-off?
      Mark: I believe I did and what exactly is...
      Jeremy: Two guys get hard-ons, they put melons on their dicks, the first melon to fall off loses.
      Mark: Right and who won - Gore Vidal or Dr Jonathan Miller?

    • Mark: (thinking) Okay, here we go: wedding day. I'm heading for a wedding. How do I feel? Empty? Check. Scared? Check. Alone? Check. Just another ordinary day.

    • Jeremy: I'm so pathetic that as soon as you order me to piss myself I've started the procedure. This is what you've done. You've ground down my sense of worth over the years. I hope you're proud!
      Mark: When are you going to stop?
      Jeremy: Not for a bit.

    • Mark: You know, you do smell really quite strongly of piss.
      Jeremy: And your hat and shoes smell of puke so I guess neither of us are exactly the king, are we?

    • Mark: I could say he's got a fat head. Call him a jizzcock. Not actually an insult, all cocks are jizzcocks really. It'd be like calling him a pisskidney.

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