Peep Show

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2004 on Channel 4



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    • Jeremy: I had an affair with Toni by mistake, and Nancy found out because I told her.

    • Mark: It probably looks like I was ready to punch him, when actually I was going to use the Buddhist as a human shield.

    • Mark: John or Paul, who is the best? I mean, Paul, obviously, but for the sake of argument...

    • Toni: Affairs are great! They're simple and no one gets hurt.

    • Mark: Brilliant. The woman you love has only been single for a few minutes and already you've found her a nice, new boyfriend.

    • Mark: I'm a natural! Maybe I should try it on someone better looking...

    • Mark: It's your day, and even if I have to die of anxiety making an off-the-cuff speech, we're going to keep it special.

    • Super Hans: I've got to think about this; I don't know if you can be trusted in a combat situation.

    • Super Hans: I was in charge of the buttons, Mark. I drew a line; you crossed that line.

    • Mark: You're getting married? Why?
      Jeremy: Because we love each other! Also, partially, for Visa reasons.

    • Nancy: Honey, you understand that this would just be an administrative procedure?
      Jeremy: Exactly. The happiest administrative procedure of our lives!

    • Jeremy: Do you think maybe, if I plead and plead and plead, she'll forget all about it and things will go back to like before?
      Mark: Honestly?
      Jeremy: Quite honestly. Not brutally honestly.
      Mark: Then... yeah, absolutely.

    • Mark: (As Jeremy walks up the aisle) I tried. I failed. Got to let him make his own mistakes. Just like Dad with me and the strimmer.

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  • Allusions

    • The Beatles

      Mark: John or Paul, who is the best?

      He is asking about two members of the band, The Beatles, and referring to a long-standing debate about whether Paul McCartney or John Lennon is the best of them.

    • Love Story

      Toni: Jez, I've seen Love Story, yeah? I know how it ends; here's a clue: somebody dies.

      She is referring to the 1970s film about two young people in love; at the end, somebody does, in fact, die.