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Pelswick Eggert is a 13-year-old 8th grader with a sharp tongue, a healthy suspicion of authority and a complete lack of fear. He also is in a wheelchair due to him having no feeling below his armpits. Pelswick is just like any other 13-year-old when it comes to being independent, disaster-prone, mixed-up, and plugged into everyday pop culture.

Pelswick's home life is dominated by his fiercely-protective (and totally insane) Gram-Gram, as well as his politically correct father Quentin, who will go to any length to avoid offending anyone. ("Nobody's wrong, they're just differently right!") Also in the picture are precocious younger sister Kate, and little brother Bobby, who says exactly one word per episode.

At school, Pelswick's life is made miserable by bully Boyd Scullarzo, and Boyd's none-too-bright sidekicks Nick and Joe. Boyd is truly dedicated to the art of bullying; he's announced publicly that "it's bad form to beat up a cripple, so I'll focus on humiliation and psychological torture instead". ("Cripple", incidentally, is Boyd's term; Pelswick prefers "permanently seated".) Fortunately, Pelswick has a loyal band of friends to help him through the rough patches: numbers-obsessed Ace, dim-but-decent behemoth Goon, prima donna Sandra Scoddle, and sensible Julie Smockford, on whom Pelswick has a not-so-secret crush.

Finally, there's Mr. Jimmy, a Jerry Garcia look-alike who is Pelswick's thoroughly incompetent guardian angel. Invisible to everyone but Pelswick, the laid-back Mr. J pops up at the strangest times to offer Pelswick maddeningly cryptic advice about whatever outrageous predicament Pelswick finds himself in this week. Mr. Jimmy routinely drives Pelswick crazy, and Pelswick often goes to great lengths to try to avoid him... but how can you avoid an angel who can instantly appear wherever you happen to be?


David Huband

David Huband

voice of Vice Principal Zeigler

Phil Guerrero

Phil Guerrero

voice of Adam "Ace" Nakamura

Tracey Moore

Tracey Moore

voice of Kate Eggert

Julie Lemieux

Julie Lemieux

voice of Julie Smockford

Peter Oldring

Peter Oldring

voice of Alan "Goon" Gunderson

Robert Tinkler

Robert Tinkler

voice of Pelswick Eggert

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  • It was the best show i hav ever seen!

    I can't beleive they never considered it a real show and they wont even put it on dvd now because they say it has a poor fan base. that show was the best and i miss it and all i want is to own it on dvd so i could love it again. i watched it every single day and i really want it bak and i mean seriously wut is rong with those people saying it wasnt good i mean i want the old stuff bak i am sick of spongebob and all the dumb shows they show now and fairly odd parents isnt bad but all their shows are horrible i mis rocket power doug and all the classics they should all come back and definitly consider pelswick one of the greatest and put it on a dvd for all to enjoy. I really want to see it again because i miss it.moreless
  • I realize that they won't bring it back. But it was a wonderful Nick show. Pelswick might have been handicapped, but he was a fantastic role model.

    Pelswick was a fantastic cartoon. I never understood why it was canceled. It was a wonderful, funny show about a charming handicapped little boy and his guardian angel.

    Not to mention his crazy grandmother. It was your typical school-age show. Pelswick, though in a wheelchair, dealt with things anyone else could deal with. School elections, bullies, and even an annoying younger sibling.

    And though Pelswick was handicapped, he handled it in a positive way. He would joke about it constantly. And while I know that we will never see Pelswick again, even on NickToons Network, I do wish someone would draw inspiration from it and make another cartoon about a handicapped kid who deals with life like everyone else. I would be the first to watch it.moreless
  • Why are there cruddy Nicktoons now?

    I remember watching this show every night with my brother and sister... Sitting , eating stuff... It was so great! Anyway, I hold this show very close to my heart. It's almost completly flawless! Sometimes its weird, sometimes its funny, and sometimes its just plain hilarious. Kate always had me rolling about and the Zigglar always had me wiping away a tear.

    When I found out the show was coming to an end it was awful.

    Anyway, this show shall always be one of Nicktoons Networks greatest creations. Pelswick shall always remain as one of the best cartoon guy in a wheel chair ever made.moreless
  • Diffrent

    Like my classifiaction says go back what was that I really mean that Pelswick was diffrent from other cartoons Nicklodeion had a I liked to watch it It was a good show in my mind Nick should not have cancled this show so fast when they had other shows that were worst then this it was showen on Nicktoonsnetwork about 2004-2005 but they took it off to put on their new great shows if you want to call Catscratch,My Dad the Rock Star or the Secret show great those shows are dumb Nick has really lost their minds to put on shows like that but anyway I rate Pelswick a 8.5moreless
  • Pelswick may be handicapped, but he has a life like everyone: bullies, peer pressure, friends, crush on a girl, and a weird yet hilarious family. But most of all: He has a guardian angel who helps him get through life as funny as possible.moreless

    Pelswick was one of the best nicktoons I saw (along with Rugrats and SpongeBob). The antics of Pelswick and his friends were hilarious. His grandma was a hoot. His guardian angel was funny as well. I really enjoyed watching this show and I do miss it, hopefully, one day, I'll see it again.

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