Season 1 Episode 6

Assault and a Battery

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • - In a scene, Pelswick's grandma pulls up next to the runaway speeding wheelchair that Pelswick and Boyd are on. She asks Boyd how tall he is, and Boyd replies that he is 5'10". Grandma then proceeds to tell Pelswick to look for a 5'9" clearance (implying that Boyd would get knocked off). However, Boyd is crouching awkwardly on the battery pack behind Pelswick, so his height can't be an exact 5'10".
      - Oh yeah, if the battery pack is "red hot" (Boyd's quote), then how come the soles of Boyd's boots didn't even melt or smoke while he was standing on it for such a long time?
      --A viewer.

    • Ramona Manns wrote in to mention that when Nick and Joe are choking on some glue, you can see a bowl of glue in the background -- but when they fall to the ground, the bowl of glue disappears.

  • Quotes

    • Boyd: Uh...I need time to think.
      Pelswick: No Boyd, unfortunately you need a brain to think.

    • Kate: I know I seem way too old and sophisticated for this, but I'm gonna run to Daddy for protection now...DADDY! HELP!
      (Thanks to missthang for this quote)

  • Notes

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