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  • Season 2
    • 11/15/02
      Almost everyone in town gets caught up in a bizarre pyramid scheme to sell laundry detergent. The only exceptions are Julie and Sandra (who are too busy embarking on a recycling drive of truly epic proportions)... and poor Pelswick, who, as usual, is trying to be the voice of reason amidst all the chaos.moreless
    • Kick Me Kate
      Episode 12
      Pelswick tries to get Kate's new boyfriend to stand up for himself; Julie gets increasingly frustrated with Sandra's outrageous clothing; Gram-Gram and Agnes go on dates.
    • 9/20/02
      Quentin's politically-correct new girlfriend wins over everyone in the Eggert family except Pelswick.
    • 12/5/01
      Julie tries to shake everyone out of their apathy by forming a band; Sandra obsesses on the healing powers of yellow boots; Gram-Gram and Agnes go gambling.
    • Shall We Dance?
      Episode 9
      Pelswick goes on a blind date with a girl who doesn't know about his wheelchair. When he discovers that his date loves dancing, he goes to extreme lengths to keep her from finding out that he's paralyzed from the waist down.
    • 11/21/01
      A decidedly flaky therapist forces the students in Pelswick's class to build marionettes in their own self-images as a theraputic exercise. When Pelswick refuses to include a wheelchair as part of his self-image puppet, he's deemed to be deliberately underming the therapy, and is expelled.
    • 11/14/01
      The Eggert family are forced to scrimp and save when Quentin loses his job; Alcatraz Junior High celebrates its 75th anniversary.
    • 11/7/01
      Pelswick enters the Paraquest Games for handicapped athletes, and is surprised to find that Boyd is his chief competitor. Meanwhile, Julie and Sandra try to save a tree.
    • 10/31/01
      Basketball fever sweeps Bayview as Pelswick considers trying out for the school basketball team, Sandra and Julie try to organize a girls' team, and Quentin tutors Boyd and his gang so that they can remain eligible to play.
    • 10/24/01
      Substitute teacher Gram-Gram spins tales about the Bayview flood of 1921 in order to impress Pelswick's class, little dreaming of the disastrous consequences that will follow.
    • 10/17/01
      Pelswick is deemed terminally uncool when he takes up birdwatching to impress Julie. Meanwhile, Gram-Gram and Agnes get jobs as store detectives, and a trainee guardian angel takes over for Mr. Jimmy.
    • Wheeldini
      Episode 2
      The mayor of Bayview somehow manages to lose all of the town's money, so he hires a magician to find it. Though it's obvious the magician is a sham, no one but Pelswick realizes this. Meanwhile, Gram-Gram and Agnes go searching for the missing money on their own, with some help from a mule.moreless
    • Eggertgeddon
      Episode 1
      All of Bayview starts panicking when it appears that a nuclear- powered space station is going to plunge through the atmosphere and destroy the town.
  • Season 1