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  • I realize that they won't bring it back. But it was a wonderful Nick show. Pelswick might have been handicapped, but he was a fantastic role model.

    Pelswick was a fantastic cartoon. I never understood why it was canceled. It was a wonderful, funny show about a charming handicapped little boy and his guardian angel.

    Not to mention his crazy grandmother. It was your typical school-age show. Pelswick, though in a wheelchair, dealt with things anyone else could deal with. School elections, bullies, and even an annoying younger sibling.

    And though Pelswick was handicapped, he handled it in a positive way. He would joke about it constantly. And while I know that we will never see Pelswick again, even on NickToons Network, I do wish someone would draw inspiration from it and make another cartoon about a handicapped kid who deals with life like everyone else. I would be the first to watch it.