lied about more thanone

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    I am a carnieand have been for 25 years i work the games am an extremy upset about the lie you claim to be true about the bottle up game. I have not only worked this game but have also built one. This game is made up of a plastic fork bought at wallmart a piece of un altered board bought at home depo two door stoppers bought at home depo and a empty budwiser bottle usually with the label left on so that they know it is not an altered bottle it is fatury made just like budwiser put it on the shelf we now have game inspectors that come in and make sure thatnone of our games are rigged and that anyone can win them at any given time if this is not possible they will not let us set up or opperate the game. YOU NEED TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE FOR THOSE WHO CAREERS YOU HAVE RUINED DO TO YOUR LIES this is a game of skill and has been proven by state officials not affiliated or paid off by the carnival. And its people like you who give us hard working people trying to bring you fun and enterainment a bad name just because we work 18 hours a day instead of 2 hours a week making a half hour show doesnt mean we're less than you .....signed a pissed off carnie

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    is it odd then that when the bottle is turned with seam facing out that its a lot harder?

    or is it not impossible and thats how the game is played. with the seam out.
    because they arent saying the bottles have been altered. so a budwieser bottle with the label on it still has a seam.

    there for it has an uneven weight. would be great if you could clarify this......

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