Penn & Teller Tell A Lie

Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 05, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • The Other Side of Penn & Teller

    I'm a pretty big fan of these guys. From the old days when they only did kick-ass magic tricks with a wry edginess through the 1990s when they started writing funny books about illusions you can do yourself, like the book "How to Play With Your Food". They even got controversial in the magic community for revealing some of their secrets. Then came Bullshit, which was P&T at their best. Taking on so much bunk and de--bunking it they were in a target rich environment and obviously loving it. Now comes this show and it's utter crap! If BS was P&T at their best this is them at their worst. They're not doing anything even remotely educational. They've both dumbed-down and profanity sanitized the dialogue. The "incredible" stories that they tell are almost all common knowledge to anybody with a decent knowledge of science trivia. The lies they throw in are also easy to spot but they must have been told that they weren't easy enough because they always throw in super obvious mistakes in the lie to help the slowest of viewers have a chance. What you have left is a shitty imitation of Mythbusters. There are even technical mistakes that render some of their "truths" lies. They said that sheets of velcro could defeat the pull of 2 monster trucks but then the linked the trucks together and drove in opposite directions but held together by the velcro. Yes, the velcro held but when you pull in opposite directions like that the force of the trucks does not combine. The maximum force the velcro can see is that of 1 of the 2 trucks, whichever has the greater force or the traction drag of the losing truck. So velcro only held 1 truck and that was 2 lies. I hope this turkey is cancelled and the guys go back to their exposition of Bullshit on HBO, which they are oh so much better suited for.
  • I'm a long time Penn & Teller fan but ... oh my god help me here.


    I'm a big Penn & Teller fan. I used to watch their old 90s show. I saw them on Babylon 5. I saw all the episodes of Bullshit!. I'm a really big fan.

    ... and I hated it. With a passion.

    It is the single worst show I've ever seen. It is badly produced, badly directed, and it is, on top of that, simply LAME.

    Way to try cashing in on Mythbusters. Do not waste your time watching it.

    The show is them telling 7 myths, showing them off. The catch is that 6 are true, and 1 is a lie. That's it. And it is on Discovery (not premium cable), so they have to be politically correct.