Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 1 Episode 2

Alternative Medicine

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2003 on Showtime
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Penn and Teller take down alternative medicine. Penn and Teller will investigate an alternative medicine fair where they will show the humbug behind alternative medicine and why it's all just a bunch of bullshit! Aspects of alternative medicine that are looked into: chiropractic medicine, reflexology, magnet therapy and more. Experts seen in this episode include: Jeffery Ptak (Chiropractor) Charles Devall, Jr. William Philpott (Magnet Therapist, Chairman of the Bio-Magnetic Institute) Robert Park (Executive Director of the American Physical Society) Dr. Stephen Barrett (Consumer Advocate) Zachery Brinkerhoff (Reflexologist)moreless

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  • Another good episode!

    Another good episode where Penn and Teller take on reflexology, magnet therapy and chiropractic treatment. The more these providers talked about their treatments the more they sounded like they were out of their minds. The reflexologist seemed no better than a snake oil salesman and his babble about pulling energy from here to there while talking to patients was amazing. The man saying that if you put magnets to your head for a few minutes could cure hallucinations and depressing was fantastic but also scary when you know that some might put off other treatments to pursue this. Also they took on chiropractors and the most disturbing part was watching him adjust a child back. Why? A good episode and hopefully a few things to think about the next time you get offered the miracle cure at the mall!moreless
  • Excellent explanation coming from a salesman

    This was a great medicine talking about 3 different types of alternative medicines. They do a excellent explanation of The Foot Medicine and the magnet medicine. They explained that it had absolutely no affect on your body and that the people who sell this are really con artists.

    They then went into Chiropractic work. They mention in less then 15 seconds that you can have benefits of going to a chiropractor if you have just been injured, however it has no real benefit if you are in good health.

    I especially found it interesting to see a chiropractor work on a 2 year old child. That is just wrong.moreless
  • Penn and Teller bust out those crooks in the alternative medicine business.

    Anyone who's sick and considering alternative medicine should watch this episode. I think it's very important what Penn and Teller are doing here. What these people are doing is morally wrong. They convince people who are sick (sometimes terminally ill) that they don't need medical treatment from an MD. This is a very dangerous thing, and I'm glad someone is shedding some light on this subject. And I just have one question for the reflexologist. If this new age crock of shit you're pushing really works, then why can't you just massage your own feet so that you can walk again?moreless

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    • Penn: And why do chiropractors continue to give regular adjustments, week in and week out, to perfectly healthy people?
      Devall: So the chiropractor can buy a Porsche.

    • Brinkerhoff: [to a patient] Can you say Hallelujah? HALLELUJAH
      Penn: A lot of real scientists make you say 'Hallelujah'.

    • Brinkerhoff: [to a patient] Just close your eyes, and see if you can feel your ovary twitching. Do you?
      Penn: Did he just say 'See if you can feel your ovary twitching'???

    • Philpott: At this stage...we can't...officially...scientifically claim we can cure anything. [record skip] At this stage...we can't...officially...scientifically claim we can cure anything. [record skip] At this stage...

    • Philpott: [holding rectangular magnet] Now we use this one in our super magnetic beds. We have 70 of these placed an inch apart and and that's 400 pounds of magnets. These weigh 4 pounds apiece...
      Penn: Hey, wait a minute! 70 times 4, that's 280 pounds, A**HOLE! He can't do multiplication and you're gonna trust him with your health?

    • Penn: Reflexologists believe that the foot contains pathways to every nerve ending and organ in the body and, by putting pressure on the various points in the foot, a plethora of diseases can be alleviated. Really. In fact, Teller believes in automotive reflexology. He's changing my spark plugs.
      (camera pulls back to show Teller tapping the tire of Penn's car with a hammer.)

    • Penn: So magnets are a cheap and legal high? Why is anyone using crack?

    • Penn: For $55 an hour he is going to jackhammer her foot!

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