Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 6 Episode 6

Being Green

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Penn and Teller look at the being green movement in poor fashion.

    Not bad, but not necessarily good this episode was similar to last week's episode in that not much in the way of facts but more jokes and satire than anything. Case in point by the end of the episode Penn and Teller still couldn't say whether the being green or being concerned for the environment isn't a bad or good thing, heck they couldn't say for sure if the world we are living is healthy for us by their own words "we don't know". So they don't know the effects of global warming and some of these other things so they bash something they don't know about. Come on guys you can do better.

    They do point out several people cashing in on the trend including Al Gore's company but then again I think this was just Penn and Teller of coming of a little jealous of Al's success. I mean they didn't even get into the movie "Inconvenient Truth" and look at any of the scientific evidence behind (which has been supported by many climate researchers. Of course there are people who don't believe anything is wrong with this planet and despite our heavily reliance on natural resources that won't last forever that the earth isn't in any danger.

    Anyways, if this is all that P and T to launch an attack on Al for being a hypocrite and then at the end saying oh BTW we still don't know if anything pointed in this episode is relevant was to me disappointing. It's been an average season for P and T and this was again not their best work.

    Most of the stuff they pulled was the typical stunts they pull and normally while I do find it funny it does ridiculous after a while especially if they at the end still can't concede that the topic they covered is just pure nonsense.
  • P&T give the Green movement a well deserved black eye.

    This was one of the best episodes of BS I've ever seen. It was hilarious, informative, and succinctly and brilliantly exposed so many of the lies behind the "green" movement.

    Hopefully this episode will enlighten many on the truth about this environmental guilt nonsense. It's nothing but a scam to make money (the only green that environmental advocates truly care about), and guilt-tripping people into making their lives inconvenient so that they can feel better about what they've done to "hurt" the planet. Unfortunately, it seems doubtful. So many eco-nuts have been fed enough lies that they'll just ignore the truth when presented with it. But I'm optimistic.

    I was shocked when I learned the man who exposed Al Gore's hypocritical excess energy usage received death threats. All he did was tell the truth, but the environmental nuts can't have anyone speak ill of their lord. Hopefully Penn and Teller won't get any threatening letters for what they did to expose the Goracle as a carbon-crazed idiot.