Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2005 on Showtime

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  • Roundhead or Cavalier?

    Foreskins. I am the proud owner of one, which has, to date, never given me any problems, i.e. no zipper jams. Beyond having one I’ve never given the subject a great deal of thought. I live in the UK, where circumcision is much less common than the US. I recall a classmate being teased in the showers after P.E. (Phys Ed) about being circumcised and I had an American girlfriend who had never encountered one before mine. I had always been led to believe that the act of circumcision was an essential part of the Jewish faith, was cleaner and healthier for the penis that the foreskin was non-essential and that the procedure was relatively painless. So to say I was a less than prepared for what was to follow in this episode of Bullsh** is no understatement. In my opinion the footage of the circumcisions being performed, is probably the most shocking thing I have ever witnessed. The practise was revealed to be nothing more than a barbaric form of mutilation with absolutely no benefits for the patient, except from a certain aesthetic point of view. The selfishness of people will never cease to amaze, pushing their opinions on babies, who couldn’t possible know any better. People are not allowed the privilege of voting until they are of a suitable age, where it is reasonable to assume that the individual can make an intelligent informed choice from the information presented to them. Why then are children not left intact to make this same choice about their own bodies until they are at least old enough to comprehend the pros and cons of the decision. Then again if some parents don’t give children opportunities to decide what religion to follow, if any at all, or whether vegan/ vegetarianism is really for them how can we expect them to let a child see if he’d prefer a turtleneck for his little fella or not. A bit of a reach I know, comparing a religious life to a meat-free one, but come on it’s not their body it’s mine or your or his. And as the facts all appear to be misnomers in that it’s not an essential part of Judaism, it’s not actually cleaner, it’s does serve a purpose and is, clearly, an excruciatingly painful procedure. So from Joey’s fake one in Friends to the Bris in Seinfeld my view on the humble foreskin, now fully informed, is that it’s a keeper. If you want it off in your adult life then more power to you and less boners, at least until the wound is healed. Long live King Charles!
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