Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2008 on Showtime

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  • The myths about Dolphins is explored along with several scams .

    Don't know what the other person was going on about, Penn & Teller Bullsh**! is entertainment for sure but it does have some factual basis behind it. When trying to bash a show and discredit it, it's always best to have actual proof to back it up.

    You can't tell me that Dolphins haven't been exploited or misused during our lifetimes. Penn and Teller didn't cross the lines either. As far as science goes, hello they did actually talk to a marine biologist in this episode too who served as FACTS to debunk several myths about Dolphins including claims that they can help special needs children.

    The episode also focused on this scam about "Dolphin Therapy" (yes there are people stupid enough to fall for this scam) where a woman called Linda Shay milks willing victims of hundreds of dollars for therapy using Dolphins (in the form of Dolphin Dolls. LMAO).

    My favorite scene was the "Seawood or Seaweed Dance" designed to alleviate and help the victim. ..."call forth the inner dolphin!!!". LMAO.

    I think people who bash the episode are missing a few things. Nobody doubts that dolphins are smart but that they do this extraordinary things that have no scientific basis of which several scammers like the aforementioned Linda do that there's an issue.

    With that said, Penn and Teller did what they had to do to expose several lies.
  • Yeah, I'm done with this show.

    I think that Penn and Teller are telling me things telepathically, but I can only get their messages if I gargle vodka while ululating. Then I see the TRUTH!

    I'm glad they opened my eyes to the TRUTH. Because nothing can possibly be TRUE if there's anyone out there who has a weird idea about it. And mockery is the best way to sort out what's true from what isn't, especially if there are bare ta-tas involved.

    Oh, I have no doubt that some dolphin fanciers have exaggerated ideas about what these creatures are capable of... But science is not about tracking down the most ridiculous examples of a viewpoint and discrediting them. It's about rigorous testing of hypotheses. This show fails on a strict scientific basis, so it falls back on entertainment, and therefore it's about as important as America's Next Top Idol or whatever -- just mindless crap.

    I really hope this show gets canceled so it's no longer around to reinforce the idea that making people laugh and point is equal to scientific vigor.