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Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 2 Episode 12

Exercise vs. Genetics

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2004 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Penn & Teller interview various fitness gurus such as Clack Bartram and Tamilee, and catch them in contradictions, in order to prove that genetics is really more important than fitness. Guest Experts and Actors Include: Dr. Nil Elatrash (Himself-Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist) Clark Bartram (Himself-Author and Trainer) Dr. Cedric Bryant (Himself-Chief Exercise Physiologist/Vice President Of Educational Services for the American Council on Exercise) Ryan Murakoshi (Himself-Personal Trainer) Tamilee Webb (Herself-"Buns of Steel" spokesperson) John Abdo (Himself-Inventor of several infomercial fitness products, including the AbDoer and Instant Abs) Wendi Cooper (Herself-CEO of C Spot Run Entertainment)moreless

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      • Penn: [last lines of episode] Remember, when you buy this sh*t, you're sending money to the same jock-head f*cks who made you feel like sh*t in high school. Don't let 'em f*ck you over again.

      • Penn: Real fitness is not expensive. Eat less, be more active. Should make your lifestyle cost less.

      • Abdo: [on Jump N2 Fitness] I redesigned the whole trampoline system. I put a numerical design on the surface so now people know where to put their feet. The tiltability is unbelievable.
        Penn: You're right! We DON'T believe this is anything but a lopsided version of one of the many trampolines that sell in stores for about...35 bucks. This one costs more than twice as much because...it has numbers painted on it!

      • Abdo: The Instant Abs is exactly what The Ab-Doer isn't. The Ab-Doer, you sit down and you wiggle your upper body. The Instant Abs, you sit down and you wiggle your lower body.
        Penn: [sarcastically] He's a genius!

      • Abdo: The average result for the Ab-Doer that I've seen is people can lose 3-4 inches in one month, easily!
        Cooper: It doesn't happen that way. If you're not consistent in your diet and your workout, then you're not gonna lose weight, and you're not gonna get fit. There's no magic pill, there's no magic machine.

      • Cooper: There's the Ab-Swing, The Ab-Doer, the Ab-Roller, the Ab-Scissors, The Ab-this, The Ab-that...Just get down on the floor! Do some crunches or do some sit-ups! We did it for years in school, it was called calisthenics for god's sake!

      • Cooper: There's some really great infomercials with great products and great companies...and then there's the ugly ones.

      • Penn: The "Ab-Doer"...Ab-don't.

      • Penn: We have to give Tamilee credit for having "Balls of Steel". She came on the show and stood behind her product. Most of the beefcake BOZOS who peddled videos, toners, and exercise machines hid under the bed when they saw us on Caller ID. You know who you are...f*ckers!

      • Webb: You've got to work with what you're given, and that's genetics. If you're an individual that is very thin and tall and you have a flat butt, then, you're always gonna have a flat butt. You're not going to get...certainly not mine...it's never going to be a "Buns of Steel" butt.

      • Bartram: [on supplements] There's this big boom lately with dietary supplements, fat burners and protein powders and pro-hormones. "You can get big if you take these things", and all this different type of stuff. There is an over-emphasis with these products.
        Penn: Well said, Clark! It's good to see a real [cut to Clark selling supplements] ugh......
        Bartram: Well the biggest selling product here, for this gym, is actually my brand, Clark Bartram Nutrition for Fitness, and the reason it's the best selling is 'cause...I push it! [laughs]
        Penn: SHUT THE F*CK UP! Did a dumbbell fall on your head? What could cause such short-term memory loss? We were right to hate him for the way he looks!

      • Penn: [on You Too Can Be A Fitness Model] You have a better chance of the book making you taller! At least you can stand on it and maybe look a little taller!

      • Penn: So does Clark gently tell aspiring fitness models that their expectations may be...unrealistic?
        Bartram: I've actually written a book called "You Too Can Be A Fitness Model".
        Penn: That's right! According, to Clark, you CAN'T be a fitness model. But according to Clark's popular book "You Too Can Be A Fitness Model", you too can be a fitness model! Here's where the borderline between "good trainer" and "self-serving bullsh*tter" starts to blur...

      • Penn: A lot of us would like to be fitness models. [Looks at Teller] Well...no...very few of us would like to BE fitness models, we want to DO SOMETHING with our lives.

      • Bartram: I'm trying to bring everything that a person would need in order to get in great shape whether it's information, motivation, encouragement...
        Penn: Big beach balls! Designer beef jerky! [shirt that reads "Shut Up and Squat" is shown] You know, ALL the essentials.

      • Penn: We're all obsessed with fitness. Not that...good...sort of obsession where we actually work out at the gym, watch what we eat, and feel good about ourselves. More like the sort where you park your car in front of Ms. Fitness's house late at night and watch the windows with a pair of binoculars.

      • Penn: Most of us would like to LOOK like a fitness model. Unfortunately, that's out of reach for most of us because, after-market t*ts aside, great T&A requires great DNA.

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      • This episode of Bullsh*t! could be seen as a kind of continuation of some of the ideas put forth in the Eat This! episode from season 1, particularly that episode's examinations of diets and dieting claims.

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