Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Season 1 Episode 7

Feng Shui / Bottled Water

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2003 on Showtime

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  • I love the Feng Shuei episode! This ain't a science.

    I love this bit. They get three Fung Shway "scientists" to discover the ideal layout of a woman's home. They are all different. How would that work, if it is scientific process. Penn's comments only make the entire thing more enjoyable.

    And to make it better, the episode finishes with a segment on the bottled water industry. This could easily have been the whole episode. It is nice. People are tasting bottled water versus tap and can't tell the difference. They serve water from a garden hose in an expensive restaurant, and people think it's wonderful. Most bottled water is the same stuff that comes out the tap.

    No one has the guts to say this stuff. P&T do a fine job of pointing out the obvious things no one will admit.