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Global Warming Hysteria

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    [1]Sep 9, 2008
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    Are they ever going to do an episode dealing with the global warming hysteria? That seems like ti would be right up their alley, though I suspect the "Progressive" elites would shut down their show if they ever tried it.
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    Technically speaking, they already have. Environmental Hysteria in Season 1 touched on it in passing, as did Going Green in Season 6. While it is right up their alley...and they say so both times...heh...they can't come out and SAY global warming is overblown because the jury is technically still out. See, with secondhand smoke, they had to apologize at a convention because the data later supported the idea that secondhand smoke can cause cancer. However, they stuck by their MAIN point, that the federal government or state government should not ban smoking in certain public places.

    With global warming, they don't want to do the same thing again. So while they point out, for example in Going Green, that these same types of ideas were discussed in the seventies...when we thought we were going through an ice age instead, or when, in Environmental Hysteria, they interview a person who was basically blackballed because he put forth the opposite conclusion of the scientific community from the same data...they don't ACTUALLY come out and say it's a fallacy because they can't totally prove it is one yet (Penn physically points this out in the Going Green episode actually). Basically, they're just advocating caution. Environmental Hysteria and Going Green are both MAINLY about the concept of being blind joiners without getting all the information (hysteria) and/or making money off blind fears (green). They don't completely bash the movements because factually, they can't yet.
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